October 02, 2014

I Blame Blogging ♥

So I went down town to get 1 thing and told myself I couldn't buy anything because I need to save money for different things...yeah that didn't last long!

Hello Autumn - Essence
I couldn't not get these when I seen them in a pharmacy because well it's Autumn, and Autumn is wrote on the packaging and the colours are Autumny? Did you buy that? because apparently my brain did.
The eye palette is called '02 Keep Calm & Go For A Walk' and was €4.79
The powder which is in the colour '01 Autumn & The City' was €4.09
The Lash Princess mascara & eyeliner pen were actually on deal as a set for €4.09 and the mascara packaging is adorable so I had to pick it up.
I then fell in love with The limited edition Barry M eye and blush palette, the colours are absolutely gorgeous! This is actually my first Barry M eye palette and blush so I cannot wait to try them out, after swatching them they seem quite pigmented and blendable so I'm sure there will be a blog post about that eventually! This was €9.49 in Boots and because I was supposed to not be spending money I used the points on my card to use this. What were the chances I had exactly €9.49 worth of points on my card so it was meant to be!
Lastly I picked up 'The Pointless Book' which I have waited on forever as my town just wouldn't seem to get it in the stores. This book is by Alfie Deyes a youtuber I watch, this is basically the same idea of a wreck this journal and even though I already have one of those I still wanted to pick this up to support Alfie! This was €11.50

So that was my 'I'm only buying one thing' day yesterday...I also ordered a few bits online that I will show you when they arrive. Someone really has to take my money and credit cards away from me immediately. Also does anyone feel like they spend more money whilst being a blogger than you used to or is that just me? Please tell me its not just me!



  1. The Essence eye palette looks gorgeous! So nice for Autumn. xx

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  2. When my husband saw the title of your post, he said "yea, I know how that feels..I blame blogging too" because I have the same tendency to buy more than I needed thanks to blogging! LOL! I love the look of Barry M palette, the colours are gorgeous!

    Reflection of Sanity

  3. I always go out to buy one thing and that never happens for me either! I love that Barry M palette I actually nearly got it myself yesterday :)


  4. I didn't even know Barry M did some eye shadow palettes! I just had a look now and that's thanks to you!
    Thank you for sharing, I'm now going to have a little sneak peak

  5. Hey, amazing blog and I've followed on bloglovin' :) I love this post and our pictures look amazing! I love the look of the Barry M palette!


  6. The 'Hello Autumn' powder is quite possible the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life oh my goodness-
    Hannah | The Crafty Fox

    1. It really is gorgeous, love the leaves detail in it x

  7. I want to read alfie's book! I love the look of essence products too, I need to check them out, they seem like such a bargain. x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  8. you've bough some lovely things! I have to admit, since i've started blogging I've definitely bought more things because I always use 'i can blog about it' as an excuse! x


    1. Yes! That excuse is always my reason and it's really not good for my bank account aha :') x

  9. We all do that haha
    I love the essence products, they're pretty good for the price, i might have to purchase this essence palette ! KISSES

  10. Love this post, the title made me chuckle as I totally do the same, go out with the intentions of getting one thing and come back with ten! Love the eyeshadow palettes :)



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