Before I start I do just want to point out that I adore all the brushes in this set, they feel like silk and I do 100% recommend spending money on them if you're looking for a luxury set of brushes however I just have favourites.

Favourite Brushes:
127 Luxe Sheer Cheek
142 Concealer Buffer
231 Luxe Petit Crease
227 Luxe Soft Definer

The 127 Cheek brush is amazing and I've fallen in love with it. Its perfect for contouring the face and applying brush.
The 142 Concealer buffer does an amazing job at buffing your concealer into your skin so that it won't budge.
The 231 Petit Crease brush is amazing, it's perfect for defining the crease or jut applying product to the crease.
The 227 Definer is amazing for blending and softening the eye look, also great for applying product as it just picks up the right amount.

Brushes I don't tend to use on a daily basis:
106 Powder 
110 Face Shape
102 Silk Finish
317 Wing Liner

Okay so I lied slightly about the 106 Powder, because I do use it everyday but the reason I put it in the 'leave' section is because of the shape of it. For a powder brush its tightly packed together and even after washing it I thought it might fan out a bit but no. So its in this section because of
I'll admit when I first got the 110 Face Shape it was all I used for contouring but now because I adore the 127 this has kind of been cast aside.
The 102 Silk Finish I just cannot take to at all, I think I'm just so used to my real techniques buffer brush that I haven't really given this one a second chance.
Finally the 317 Liner, I used to like these brushes for gel liner but now I much prefer using the real techniques silicone liner brush so this has also been cast aside.

Like I said I do love all these brushes, just others more compared to others. I still would recommend these to anyone who's looking for a nice set. They are also pretty to look at and display on your dresser!