Something I cant live without is liquid liner, its such a staple to me and I honestly look so strange without a cat flick on my eye like I literally look ill. So with my little obsession of a good 'oul cat eye it means I'm constantly on the look for a liquid liner thats easy to use, lasts the day and most importantly is waterproof. My eyes are so sensitive the tiniest amount of wind just has to blow and bam Jordans eyes are crying, it's the most annoying thing in the world because it always happens when I need my makeup to stay in place and look nice. Coming into the Summer months when Hayfever decides to pop his head round the corner just makes it worse. So yeah basically I need an eyeliner thats going to stick through all the elements!

When Too Faced announced they were adding a liquid liner to the Better Than Sex range they had my full attention. I absolutely loved the Better Than Sex mascara and it became a staple a few years ago and then they released it in a waterproof version and I was shook. So an eyeliner had me all on board!
They stuck with the original pink and black colour theme even though it's a waterproof formula and the outer packaging was also the iconic pink, gold and black. 
So when its comes to liquid liner pens I'm really fussy when it comes to the actual pen that you use. I don't like anything extremely thin or thick it has to be the perfect in-between which thankfully they chose to have. It makes the drawing process so quick and easy. 

Something else I also have to have when it comes to a liquid liner is it has to be jet black, I realise this probably sounds strange but some 'black' liners just aren't the greatest when it comes to their pigment pay off. This liner is quite good in the first few uses but I will admit mine has slightly started to lose that intensity which I can accept because it's probably just starting to run out/dry out from the amount of times I've been using it. 

Its priced at €22 which I honestly think is a totally fine for an eyeliner that's on the high-endish kinda tier. Although I did like it and can't really fault it I don't see myself running out to re-purchase it just because it's not life changing or something that I could see myself not being able to live without. 
I will also say you've to be very carful when putting the lid on as when I took the lid off one day the bristles where all standing out and out of shape so I ended up cutting some off so it wouldn't be drawing all over my eyelid.
However I would 100% recommend trying it if you're on the market for a good felt tip liner thats very easy to use to get that classic cat eye look. 

Have you tried the new Too Faced Liner yet?