With Spring in the air and the weather treating us like it's Summer, I love changing up some items in my beauty routine. Things such as lipsticks, foundations, eyeshadows and fragrances. Today I decided to share the perfume I've been spritzing non stop lately! Diptyque is a brand that I only tried back at Christmas when I got the L’ombre dans L’eau and Baies gift set which was and still is very much loved. 
Back when Valentines Day rolled around Diptyque had done a range for Valentines and me being the easiest person to sell anything too with cute packaging ended up buying a perfume and a candle without even knowing what they smelt like. However I absolutely adore anything Rose scented and had one of those treat yourself moments (I have a lot of those, anybody else) and added them to my overly-full basket and used my good 'oul pal credit card to check out. *face palm* It arrived in a pretty little purple box with different coloured roses scattered across the box. I did only pick up the 30ml as the fragrances themselves aren't the cheapest things you'll come across and also for the fact that I hadn't even smelt it so I was taking a risk ordering it incase I didn't like it. 

Side note, the candle I bought was the Damascena scent which is just like the perfume only slightly sweeter because of the honey scent added into it.
When it burns it literally only takes a couple of minutes for the gorgeous scent to fill the room. Like Jo Malone they do 'travel sized' candles along with their full sized range, which I do think is a great idea as you're getting to try scents without having to commit to the full size and dropping €60. Honestly never thought I would become the person who is totally fine with dropping that much money on a candle, like something you literally burn...but here we are I guess.
So I'm not sure if y'all have ever tried to describe a fragrance through writing, and I'm absolutely no good when it comes to it but I'm about to try my very best and hope that my 1am brain (hi I'm currently writing this at an hour where I'm normally asleep but your girl is on a 10 day holiday from work and plans on messing up her sleep routine one night at a time) can handle forming something that actually makes sense.

So picture yourself in the biggest Rose Garden on a Summers day (hopefully you don't have hay fever, if you do, girl I feel ya) and its just jam-packed with all kinds of roses, birds are singing and you're truly and fully content at that moment...thats what this perfume smells like. Literally like putting your face right into the largest rose bouquet possible! The most delicate Rose scented fragrance I've ever come across to be honest. It's not too in your face and it settles so beautifully. 
When purchasing this I opted for the 30ml edt and my god it lasts absolutely hours for an edt spray. I've already used half the bottle, although it's probably because when I spray perfumes I'm a little over generous with the amount of times I spray it.. The few scents I have tried from Diptyque so far I've absolutely loved and because of how long they last and how strong they are (candles included) I could definitely see myself buying their full sized products.

I also have to mention their packaging, because its so simple but so stunning. As its a see through bottle instead of when it's turned on it's back and just seeing a plain white label sticker they make their labels double sided so the back always has some sort of picture to match the scent, so the back of the label is just full of roses, where as my other one is a picture of a swan in a lake. Such small details like this that may seem un-important really leave the brand in your mind because you just know they put so much effort into the production. Simple things like that do be so effective and kind of makes me fall in love with brands more!

Have you tried any Diptyque products?