Well hello, it's been a hot minute where your gal just disappeared from the blog (again I know I know) but hey again! Not even going to start that whole excuse of why I haven't blogged and how this time I'm back because I change my mind every twenty seconds and to be honest I'll be shocked if I even write out this whole blog post in one sitting.

*update* I wrote the top part about 6 days ago, knew I wouldn't write it all in one sitting *rolls eyes*Anyways lets see how far I get this time around. So I decided to go through my camera roll and tell you all what I've gotten up to since last month until this very day so lets get right into it!
On the first of March I finally got my first tattoo. I have always wanted a tattoo and was that person in secondary school who was always writing on my arm or wrist because I was obsessed with the look of having something on your skin. So I finally decided to be brave and went into a tattoo parlour and came out with something I have wanted for many years. I have been drawing the number '13' on me for many years I have photos dated back to 2010 with it drawn somewhere on me. Although I do consider it my lucky number its also a little ode to my all time favourite artist Taylor Swift. I got it very small and dainty as I didn't want it huge and I do love how small and pretty it is.

I placed a little H&M order for all of the Ariana Grande march they're currently stocking because my wardrobe was missing a bit of Ari in it. Although I do have two items from the Dangerous Woman tour the Sweetener/Thank U Next era is my current fave and decided it was about time to have some new items with more up to date pictures. I honestly don't think I will ever grow out of the fangirl life phase, like its been going on since I was 16 and now I'm 24. It's definitely not as intense as it was when I was a teenager but you'll never find me not wearing some sort of merch *sassy emoji girl*

I also done a huge shop on PrettyLittleThing but my favourite purchase of all were definitely these boots which I have worn on a night out and they are honestly the comfiest things Ive ever worn. And I'm slightly obsessed with them so thought they deserved their own little mention. Full on think the yellow laces made them stand out for me and that's why I bought them because normally I'm not a yellow kind of person as the colour just really doesn't suit me, but I adore the colour contrast of the bright colour against the black suede.
I've started watching Friends, right from the start for the very first time in my life. Its great but also very stressful, because Ross & Rachel are no longer together and I'm stressed about it! I'm currently on Season 5 and I honestly do not know how I've went all my life without having this show in my life. Literally any spare time I have lately you'll find me with a drink in hand (mostly alcoholic) with Friends on Netflix. I mean perfect nights though if you ask me?!

I drank alot in March and discovered my love for Pink Gin (yes thats a cosmopolitan pictured but I'm still going to talk about gin, drink responsibly folks!) Literally thats all I really have to say about that. Now I'm wondering was there even a point in adding that in there but oh well.

My work best friend left and went to a new job but before she did she made me a 'survival kit' to basically survive work without her and I legit thought it was the sweetest but also funniest thing ever. Consisting of tissues, sweets, alcohol and Rescue Remedy along with other things everything had a meaning as to why it was part of the kit which she had explained in the card. I may have been very excited about the Friends mug and tote bag to be honest though, like I legit freaked about them.

A night out (which is very rare for me) with friends to celebrate one of us getting a new job. I legit don't know what else to write other than here's what I wore...I'm getting really bad at these. The top is from Pretty Little Thing along with the boots which were featured above. The jeans are Boohoo and the belt is from Primark.

I've spent many nights in front of my tv watching friends and obviously with another 5 seasons to go there will be plenty of photos like this appearing in the near future. Although as of where I am right now in the series I full on feel like I could write a blog post about how the fact Ross and Rachel not being together has ruined my life....not to be dramatic but true tho.

Did I mention I'm obsessing over Pink Gin?! Legit lads y'all gotta get on this stuff because my lord it is beautiful. I've legit not touched a vodka and coke since trying this.
Myself and Sheldon celebrated being roomies for 5 whole years on April Fools Day. Its so strange to even think of a time before this little guy to be honest. He's just a ball of happiness and just looking at him makes my heart melt. I mean just look at his little face!!! What we're going to ignore in this photo is how wrong the foundation shade I wore this day was. I'm currently not able to wear tan and yeah I must have picked my tan foundation up by mistake because my god that doesn't blend in hun it don't look natural.

I celebrated my tattoo being a month old...by taking a photo and planning my next one *idk* This photo was actually taken as it was going to be the last time my arm looked like this with just a cute little lonely 13 on my arm because you guessed it...

which brings us onto the next photo, on the 3rd of April your girl got her second tattoo. So the 13 was something obviously I always wanted but it also gave me an idea of how it felt to get a tattoo...I want to just say that it was false advertisement but I mean its kind of self explanatory. My 13 took exactly three minutes while my second tattoo took a whole 45 minutes and yes it felt a lot different. However I am OBSESSED with it and it can be linked in with the 13 for a different reason.
So yeah the 3rd of April saw the day I got my second tattoo which is a human hand and a skeleton hand doing a pinky promise. This is an ode to my love for Halloween and all things spooky. I am beyond OBSESSED with the design and still to this day I cannot stop looking at it *all the heart eyes* Like I said above this actually took 45 minutes to do and it did sting. The inside line of the human hand actually full on burnt like it was really bad, the skeleton hand was grand and the rest just stung a little. It has not put me off getting another one though as I'm already planning on getting another one next month. I don't know how or why but I now know why people say you can get addicted to them because not even joking a day after this one I was already thinking of what else I'd like. I do have my one for next month planned and its not halloween related and I'm so super excited to get it.

And there you have it, we're all caught up!
Did you get up too anything interesting over the past month?