Happy Galentines Day lovelies! 
February 13th has arrived and of course your girl has treated herself bc if I don't who will?! 
I mean the past two years I've treated myself so I decided may aswell make it three years running...amiright?! So this year I decided to show you all what I treated myself to this year because who doesn't love a nosey at what other people are buying. 
So of course I started with my faves latest fragrance release, Cloud has FINALLY made its way over to the Uk and Ireland and you already know I love me an Ariana Grande fragrance. So I decided to welcome Cloud into my ever growing fragrance collection. The scent for Cloud is very different to her previous scents, it's not as sweet and its a little more stronger and fruity based and I'm not going to lie when I first sprayed it I wasn't too sure on it but I didn't really mind if I didn't like it because I still wanted it (I realise that sounds bad I don't have money too burn I'm very bad with money, but I wanted the new fragrance because I have all the others on display so wanted to add this to the lil family.) But I'm so obsessed with the packaging its so cute and pretty I love it. But yeah the scent it's grown on me, it's not my favourite and I do rather the old scents but I still like it. 

The next thing I decided to treat myself too was another Jo Malone candle. So my work bestie bought me a Jo Malone candle as part of my 24th birthday gift and only two weeks ago I finally started burning it (it hurt though bc it was so new and fresh and pretty but anyways). So because I started burning that one I decided you know what lets add another to my collection. So I picked up the Peony and Blush Suede candle and guys oh my god I freaked out when I opened the box the candle was wrapped in because...they include a box of black matches. Like I don't know why I got so excited about this but I did and I'm still a lil shook tbh because aesthetic but also the most extra unnecessary thing ever!

Something I fell in love with real quick when I seen it on ASOS was a spell book (ya'll know how much I absolutely adore Halloween) called 'Hex Your Ex' I mean just look at how pretty that is, like is that not the prettiest book you've ever seen in your life?! And it's a blooming Spell Book like guys get on my level. Theres love spells, money spells, good heath spells etc included inside and I'm obsessed with how girly and halloweeny it is I love it. Quick disclaimer though, I don't actually believe in the spells and you will not find me sitting in a circle with candles lighting around me mumbling some spells, it's just not my thing fam but if it's you, you do you booboo. 
So the next thing I decided to pick up was a Diptyque perfume. Diptyque released a little Valentines range and of course I got sucked into the packaging and the description of the scents. (Yes I bought all these candles and perfumes without knowing what they actually smelt like) I got a Diptyque perfume for Christmas and love it so was like sure why not?! So I picked up the Eau Rose fragrance and oh my goodness guys this is so gorgeous I'm obsessed it just smells of pure roses (obvz) and it's so fab I love it. 

Also from Diptyque I decided to also get another candle and from the same Valentines range I picked up the Damascena scented candle again with the same rose scent but slightly sweeter due to the added honey notes to it and just like the fragrance it is beautiful. Also I have to say I blooming love the candle packaging from this brand there's just something about it that makes me very happy which is strange I know but I just really like it. 
Something I like to do every year is buy one 'big' gift, now when I say big I mean it costs a little more coin than everything else and usually I opt for something Apple but tbh I actually have everything from there atm that I want so they need to hurry and drop some new releases. When I don't choose an Apple product I normally opt for a designer bag but there was none that I really liked and to be honest I really don't need another bag right now. However this year I made a change and bought myself a ring....yup I did! Like Ari said 'bought matching diamonds for..' okay I only bought a diamond for myself nobody else. I've been in the market for a rose gold/diamond ring for awhile. I like very dainty jewellery and since my birthday and Christmas I've accumulated two rose gold chains and a gold bracelet so a ring was obviously the next thing I needed. When I seen this ring in Fields jewellers I fell in love instantly! This is the most sparkly thing I've ever seen in my life it could legit blind me I'm not even joking. I'm so blooming obsessed with it I adore it. I mean just look at it, like loOK AT IT ugh love me. 
Finally something I thought was way too cute not to get was this Boohoo jumper with 'Bieber + Baldwin' wrote on it. Like gang I'm not even a huge fan of either of these two but for some reason I became obsessed with this jumper I couldn't not own it. I mean cute though right?! 

Whether you're celebrating you today or if you're celebrating with a loved one tomorrow I hope you all have a lovely day.
Happy Galentines Day gals.