January 28th came and saw my little boy Sheldon turn 5 years of age! 

Yes that's right this little fellow has turned five years of age and I got him back when he was only a little 9 week old fluffy ball of hair. Of course like every other year I had to do a quick little themed photo to mark the occasion and this year as he was five I got balloons because how else would you mark the occasion?!

A day filled with his favourite treats along with all the carrots, cucumbers and naps that one little GuineaPig can manage. If you've followed Darling Jordan for awhile you may remember that last year I spent €150 on a brand new two tier cage for him and now a year on and he still has never went upstairs....like he refuses to walk up the bridge #lazylife

So this year I just spoiled him with all his favourite treats because in reality he really didn't appreciate his new cage last year even though I had to re-arrange my whole bedroom for it too fit. 
But I mean you have to admit, he looks pretty darn happy about being surrounded by balloons and all his favourite treats. 

If only you all could see what my camera roll looked like just to get these two photos, if y'all ever tried to take a photo with an animal you know what I mean!

Anyways it was a cute lil photo op hour and Sheldon was rewarded with all the treats for being such a good participant and also because he just deserves the world.

Happy 5th Birthday little boy, I love you.