Is there really anything better than coming home after a long day at work, or just a mentally exhausting day and just having a full on pamper session?! Of course whats a good 'oul pamper session without a facemask. Literally as we speak I've atleast 20 facemasks at hand for when I want to chill and just treat myself like the Queen I am (I'm listening to 7 Rings way too much right now). Something a little different that I've been trying lately is the E.L.F Magnetic Face mask. Now I've seen these around before and honestly I'm probably one of the last people to try them out but I'm like you know what.. it's 2019 about time we can take a facemask off....with a magnet...we in the future now guys!

So I went into this mask blind, as in I didn't look at any reviews, I didn't read about what it was supposed to do except for the little paragraph at the front of the box which claims "visibly lift away surface impurities" I mean I'm up for anything thats going to help make my skin look better so of course as soon as I got it I went straight home and slathered it onto my face. I've used it several times now, the mask pot is now completely empty and I think I've finally come up with my conclusion of this mask.

Lets be honest it's a little gimmicky but you know what we all love a little gimmick and heres why  

The whole concept of not having to wash off a face mask is genius, so they invented peel off masks which we went crazy for. Then they came up with an even better idea...sheet masks! Like oh my god theres barely any work in them anymore however they lost the 'fun factor' don't get me wrong I love a mask that does what it claims to do so if it means I have to wash it off by holding my face in a bowl of ice cold water for a solid three minutes fair enough. But we can all agree (i hope) that the fun of peel off masks were gas, half the time you were challenging yourself to take it all off in one go without breaking it so you could see a face etc like it was amusing. 

So by bringing out magnetic face masks are slightly going back to the fun of facemasks. Now am I the only one who feels this way because I'm actually a big child or please tell me others feel this way. 
I just texted one of my friends on snapchat she agrees so atleast I now know I'm not the only one in this.

So onto the actual mask itself I'm gonna throw it out there that I already give the concept a 10/10 because I don't have to move off my bed to remove it and just have to run a magnet over my face.
The formula itself is quite thick and chalky with a chocolate orange scent to it (win). The magnet you receive is dual ended one holding the magnet and the other acting as your spatula to apply the mask. I won't lie I struggled using the spatula end, maybe it's just because I hadn't applied facemasks with them before but I just found this awkward. Back to the mask you simply apply it, leave it for 5 - 10 minutes on the skin and remove it with the magnet. The mask doesn't harden on the skin or anything so you don't have to sit there waiting for it to dry out or anything like that. The removal of the mask I must say is so much fun because you're just constantly like 'omg I cant believe that actually worked'. However I did find it left a layer of not so much oil but something that felt very silky on top of the skin. It's recommended that you don't wash your face after removing the mask and just go ahead with your moisturisers which I did. 

Result wise, you do feel like the magnet is pulling everything out of your skin and I will admit I have noticed the pores and blackheads around my nose area have definitely improved while using this face mask. It also leaves the skin feeling very soft which I put down to that layer it leaves sitting on the skin after removing the mask itself.

Is it actually worth the €30 price tag just for the gimmicky nature of the removal?

yes and no.

I honestly believe that this did help reduce the look of my pores and help with the removal of black heads BUT I do think it's a tad overpriced. Also I feel like for the amount of product you get in the actual container isn't a lot especially if you're doing your full face 1-2 times a week like it recommends. I think I got about 4/5 applications with this pot and for the price I'm just not sure thats all that great. I do know the likes of Glamglow are a lot more expensive but I feel you get a few more uses out of them pots. It's probably due to how thick and chalky of a consistency this product has that doesn't help when it comes to spreading it across the skin. 
They do offer a refill mask in a tube that you can basically transfer it into your tub on the E.L.F website for £17 which is roughly almost €20 which I'm just like...rly mate...?!

So although I did enjoy it for the scent and the fun factor of removing a mask with a magnet with how little uses you get and for the price tag I don't think it would be something I'd be stocking up on anytime soon. However I did enjoy using it for the time I did have with it. Now I'm left with a magnet thats not really going to be doing much so I'm just like do I keep this for something or?

Have you ever tried a magnetic face mask before?