So for the past 4 consecutive years I’ve done a ‘what I got for Christmas’ post and I don’t do them to brag I simply write them, because I genuinely enjoy reading others and I know there’s others like me who love having a nosey to see what other people got. So rather than breaking a tradition I seem to have going on here on DarlingJordan I decided to keep going and do it again this year. 
As always this in no way a bragging post and I’m extremely greatful for everything I got this year.
So let’s jump right in!

Starting with my main present (I mean we may as well jump right in) I got the iPad 6th generation. If you know me you know I love apple, I don’t use any other brand because I just adore their stuff. Christmas exactly 8 years ago I got the very first iPad which you can imagine died a very long time ago (I still have it I just imagine it wouldn’t be supported anymore) and this year I got it into my head that I’d like the new one. Surprisingly, as in I actually did not expect it at all (I even sobbed) my parents surprised me with it and I was so over the moon!
Last year I got the Apple Watch off my parents and it’s safe to say the strap 1 year on did not look like it used too so they also surprised me with the Pink Sand Sport Loop strap that I had been eyeing up.
Something not pictured because I don't have the physical tickets yet is Ariana Grande tickets. Every year I buy myself something a little extreme and this year the ticket prices I paid were a lil extreme, however I'm getting to see my Queen for both Dublin dates of her Sweetener tour and I am so excited.
I also have been looking for a dainty bracelet for a while. Back in August for my birthday I got the most beautiful delicate chains - one being a floating diamond and the other a rose gold ring with diamonds. I love dainty jewellery so after getting these I decided that I wanted a bracelet that was small and simple for my wrist and I was handed a box from my brother which had a dainty little gold chain bracelet with flowers gracing it and I'm obsessed!
I also got a new Ralph Lauren purse which I have been in the market for, for an awful long time now and it was so worth the wait because it is so beautiful.

Okay I'm going to break everything else up into sections other wise we're gonna be here for a lil while!

Home Decor:
I got a Rose Gold Mirror for the reason being I have a big makeup mirror with lights but when I'm into work I don't use it and just do my makeup in my bed - hence the reason this was bought for me, one side is normal and the other is magnified and the actual stand of it is rose gold with crystals it's pretty cute tbh.
Do you know them things you always see and ALWAYS look at but for some reason never buy it for yourself? Me with the Bambi Disney Tradion ornament and finally I own it because I was gifted it
and it is so blooming cute I love it!! This was from one my friends who you'll find out about what else she got me that I practically nearly died over when you get to the handbag section!
I also got a Luxury Velvety Rose Scented Giftset which includes a room spray, a candle and a reed diffuser. The scent is absolutely fab and I have previously had candles from this range and I cannot fault them in any way (they're the sets from Aldi incase anybody is wondering).
Something else I would constantly look at but would never buy for myself, the Lumiere tea light holder from Primark and every time I was in Primark I would look to see if he was in stock and be sad when he was sold out...I don't know it was weird but I'm so glad I finally own him now.
I got the Cath Kidston x Disney cushion from the Snow White collection and I am obsessed, the little birds are literally my favourite and just make me smile so much. So be prepared to see this cushion in literally every single instagram post in the new year. I also got a huge Pug Tv Slipper which is basically a huge slipper for your feet to make them all toasty when you're watching tv, and
did I mention it's a Pug?! My dog thinks its a teddy though and keeps trying to rob it on me which does give me a giggle. Finally I had come across the cutest fawn mug that truth be told I just wanted for Instagram photos (bc look at how cute it is) and I dropped a little hint and they clearly listened
and there it was waiting for me as part of my Christmas Eve box.

This year I was spoilt with two Cath Kidston handbags, one from the Snow White
range and one from the Bambi range. My work best friend surprised me with the Snow White Singing Birds Tote bag which I had fallen head over heels in love with when it was released. I was literally gobsmacked when I unwrapped it because we had both said we weren’t going crazy which she clearly has a different definition than crazy than I do. But oh my goodness I am so in love with it and I cannot wait for spring so I can start using it. I realise I can use it whenever but in my head I’m like yes spring time this is going to be perfect!
I also got the Bambi and Thumper Grab bag from the latest Bambi range and if there’s one thing you should know about me is I am OBSESSED with Bambi & Thumper, they are my absolute favourite Disney characters so basically I’ll buy anything they’re on so I was so excited when I got this because it is the cutest.
Every year I always get a perfume and this year was no different. I got another 100ml bottle of Ari by Ariana Grande which is one of my absolute favourite scents and she’s also my Queen just in case you didn’t know that already. If you love sweet scents then you’ll love this scent and the bottle is the prettiest and girliest bottle design ever!
I also got the Diptyque L’ombre dans L’eau and Baies gift set which contains a 30ml bottle of fragrance and a candle. I was literally so excited about this because I have always wanted a Diptyque perfume and candle (may be one of those I blame the blogger things) so I was so extremely excited. The scent of both these are absolutely beautiful, very strong with notes of Rose and Blackcurrents which are absolutely beautiful together. If you love floral scents (my favourite ever perfume is Gucci Bloom so I’m all about those floral scents) you’ll love this scent!

Finally onto the beauty bits I got this year which was an awful lot compared to last year, like I literally think I’m sorted for makeup for the whole year of 2019 but oh my god I was so excited to unwrap every single one of these items.

Starting with fake tanners I got the Bondi Sands Glo in matte. I’ve legit been wanting to try this since it was released so I’m so excited to give it a whirl. I also got the Cocoa Brown Christmas Cracker which consists of the 1 hour mousse and a tanning mit. Finally in tans I also got the Tantastic Medium Liquid Tan and Exfoliating Body wash set. Tantastic is the tan I fell in love with when I first started tanning so I’m so excited to fall back in love with it!

I got the Kat Von D Shade and Light eyeshadow palette. I have yet to try anything from Kat’s range and I’ve heard so many rave reviews that I’m excited to try it. The palette itself is the perfect everyday palette so I cannot wait to give it a try. Also from Kats range I got the Tattoo 
Liner duo set which contains a mini of the tattoo liquid liner and a mini of the newest dagger liquid liner. I’ve heard so many rave reviews of the tattoo liner so I was extremely excited when I unwrapped this. And finally I also got the Mini Alchemist Holographic Transformer which you can use over your eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush etc or even used on its own as a highlighter.

I also got the mini Too Faced Better Than Sex Tree Ornament which is the cutest little tree decoration I’ve ever seen. Like I don’t even think I want to open it it’s that adorable.

Jeffree Star is a brand that I started to try out back in August and quickly fell in love with and for Christmas I found some goodies in my stocking. I got the new Northern Lights Highlighter Palette which I'm so excited about as I actually haven't tried any of his iconic highlighters yet and have only tried his lipsticks so I was super excited about this. I also got the Liquid Lipstick in the shade Celebrity Skin which I done a dance about because I ran out of mine about two months ago and was wearing the same shade in the lipstick version but I had been wanting to pick it up in the liquid formula again.

Also hidden in my stocking was my first ever Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette. Yup pretty sure I'm the last person on this bandwagon but it was just one of those things I never got around too. I got the gorgeous Soft Glam Eyeshadow palette and my goodness is the colour palette absolutely stunning, it's so up my street I'm already obsessed with it and I haven't even used it yet.
One of my work friends spoilt me with makeup bits that I love/wanted to try, again we both said we weren't going 'crazy' yet I opened a heck load of things! She got me a new Duo Lash Glue which was perfect timing because I legit ran out of mine about two weeks ago, a Violet Voss Makeup Brush Cleaner, the new Zoella Handcream from her latest range because she knows I love me a good 'oul Zoella product! An LA Girl Pro Concealer which I have been wanting to try for the longest time but was again just one of those things I never got around too. An Ofra Highlighter that is the most beautiful highlighter I've ever seen in my life and I just want to bathe in it. A mini packet of beauty blenders which are always handy. A Garnier Moisture Bomb Eye Tissue Mask which I'm so excited to give a whirl. One of the new Zoeva Spice of Life mini eyeshadow palette which I found funny because I bought her one just in the opposite colours, and finally a makeup bag with the words Beauty Queen wrote across it, which I'm like Yass! Oh and Processco Chocolate which I'm also like yass about.

Finally for food - because it's not Christmas without food I got a Cadbury selection Box along with a Nestle one. A box of Whittard Hot Chocolate Powders, which contains 8 different flavours and I honestly don't think I was ever so excited in my life when I got this. A box of Celebrations (because they're my fave and no I will not share them) Some Galaxy salted Caramel cake bars that are absolutely divine and a box of Pattersons Chocolate and Orange Festive rounds.

I apologise for the amount of times I used the phase 'so excited' in this post.

As always I am so grateful for everything I got and feel very spoilt.

What was your favourite gift you unwrapped this Christmas?