So we've finally entered into the last few weeks of the festive season and I feel like every second person I walk by is either sniffling or coughing away. But fear not, I've four products I wanna tell you all about today that I've been loving to help keep healthy during the festive season. 
Thankfully I've been lucky enough for them all to be helping anytime I feel like something is trying to creep up on me.
Starting with The Breath Co Oral Rinse* So I don't know if this is a thing but I'm extremely fussy when it comes to mouthwash. I only like ones that taste like actual mint and it must be strong, I really dislike the ones that taste of hay fever nasal spray (if you suffer with allergies you know exactly what I'm talking about) or even those that taste of just pure alcohol. This Breath Co one is just pure mint which is lovely and refreshing. It's dentist developed and helps keep your gums healthy along with giving you freshness for up to 24 hours so you're left feeling fresh everyday. 

The next thing I found absolute life savers were the Grethers Pastilles* I popped these in my handbag and for whenever I felt my throat not feeling the best or if my voice started acting up I simply chewed one of these (okay maybe four or five because they're kinda addictive) and Id feel back to myself in no time. Literally love these and my only complaint is they made them way too delicious so I could never just have one. The little tub they come in is also so handy because it takes up no room at all and keeps the pastilles fresh. 

Body care next because along with your health you also gotta look after your skin. Over the festive period I've been self tanning alot because I'm kind of obsessed with looking like I've just come back from a two weeks holiday from the Maldives rather than the North Pole. #PaleGirlProblems. I've been using two products for the past few weeks from Naturaline Skincare and I've really been enjoying them. The range is a natural skincare one which I'm all for because I've such sensitive skin if I use anything harsh or overly fragranced my skin punishes me. 
I've been loving the Body Lotion* as it's helping maintain my tan but it also smells of Peppermint & Bamboo and I mean for the time of year how blooming fitting! The lotion itself is quite thick but absorbs into the skin very quickly which I love as I really can't stand those that take their time drying while you just stand there. It also comes in a bottle with a pump which makes it so much easier to use. 

Along with the body lotion I've also been trying out the Day Cream*. This is suited for combination skin however it's definitely agreeing with my dry skin also! From using this I've noticed a difference in my skin as it's definitely added a healthy glow which wasn't there before. The cream itself feels so soothing and lovely when applied and doesn't take too long to absorb. I've been using this everyday on my skin before applying my makeup and have been truly enjoying it. Again cause its made from natural/organic ingredients I knew I'd get on quite well with it and as mentioned I'm really enjoying it. The jar is also huge and I can't see myself running out of it anytime soon as a little goes a long way.

What have you been using during the festive period to keep you healthy?

*This post contains PR samples, all opinions are 100% my own.