Over the past month and a bit I've actually surprised myself at how little makeup I've bought, I mean somehow I still managed to blow my paycheque within three days but it clearly wasn't all on makeup (instead it was all on Halloween things and a new Ralph Lauren handbag bc I rly enjoy treating myself to designer bags it seems.) However Ofcourse I couldn't not add a few different beauty items to my collection over the last month because I definitely do not have that much willpower!
Jumping straight in I ordered a cheeky little Beauty Bay order and for awhile I had been eying up the BeautyBay x Jordan Lipscombe palettes, now I'm not going to lie what got my attention about this was I seen the name Jordan and was like 'oh look my name is on that I must have it' #truestory. After going back and forth on and off the website for awhile I decided it was about time I treated myself a little cause I definitely don't do that everyday and ordered the 'Fuego' palette and my goodness am I happy I did. I'm going to get something silly out of the way first - it comes with stickers and one of those stickers is my name so you can bet that went straight onto the front of my MacBook! Stickers out of the way onto the actual palette. Consisting of 6 shadows and 2 highlighter shades I was quite excited to try it being that I had never tried a BeautyBay own brand product before so I wanted to see was it any good. I had seen rave reviews about the BeautyBay palettes from my girl Courtney @ LashesandLuxe so I knew what to expect but I still was excited to see for myself.
I picked the Fuego palette just because the colours are so me, like literally you could go through my eyeshadow drawer and 80% of my palettes and single shadows will have the same colour scheme. The shadows themselves not going to lie pure shocked me. They're so pigmented and soft and blend so well together I actually couldn't believe it. Now I will admit the two darker shades need a little help with an extra layer but the rest are boommbb on the first application. For the price tag of €22.50 the quality definitely has me blown away and I actually cannot believe how affordable they're selling their palettes for. There are two more palettes part of this collaboration and out of the two I don't have I am in love with the 'Trooper' palette so I definitely think I'll be adding that onto my Wishlist for sure. 

Also from Beauty Bay I decided to pick up a little Mario Badescu facial spritz and lip balm duo because I've kind of fallen in love with the products I've tried so far (especially the facial spritz which I've almost ran out of) so decided I may aswell pick up another to have on hand. Also I had read somewhere that the lip balm was very good for dry lips and I can now hold my hand up and 100% agree with this statement because it is a god send! Literally have been slathering it on my lips since I got it and my lips have never been so moisturised and soft in all of my life. As for the facial spritz I kinda raved on all about that in my previous post which you can find it here, long story short I'm OBSESSED with the facial spritz from this brand!

I also decided to pick up a new brow brush to try as I only ever use the Zoeva Brow Brush as I became so used to it that doing my brows with any other brow brush just wasn't working. However when I seen the bhCosmetics V10 brow brush & spoolie duo I decided to give it a whirl. I'm so glad I picked this up I literally think it was less than €5 and I'm actually obsessed with it, it's slightly thinner than my usual Zoeva one so you can get alot more control and definition when filling in your brows which I love. I usually don't ever use a spooly but I am loving how natural it helps my brows look. I've since placed another Beauty Bay order and have ordered another brush just as a back up.
As for fragrances I've added two new ones to my collection over this past month. A little purse friendly rollerball of the new scent Woman by Ralph Lauren (which I currently carry around in my Ralph Lauren handbag bc extra) which is such a gorgeous fresh floral scent. It's definitely a fragrance I for sure want in full size.
I also added a bottle of the new Scandal by Night by Jean Paul Gautier. Last year I fell in love with the original Scandal scent and this year they've just gone and outdone themselves again. It's very like the original only much deeper in scent and it's absolutely gorgeous. The bottle design stayed the same with the fragrance itself getting slightly darker in colour too! Definitely one to pop onto the wishlist if you're a fan of the original scent.

So it's taken me a very very long time to hop onto the hype train that is Pixi Glow Tonic however I've finally gotten around to picking up a little 100ml bottle to give it a whirl. I definitely haven't been using it long enough yet to notice any differences but I am enjoying how it leaves my skin feeling after I apply it. I'm sure after a solid few months of using it you'll all get to hear my full thoughts on it. I also since this have added a few more Pixi products to my skincare collection so the Tonic left somewhat an impression on me for me to go and pick up a few more bits.

Finally I added some Anastasia Beverly Hills products to my makeup collection. I seriously must be the last person in the Beauty community to do so but I've finally done it!
So I decided to jump right into the brand and picked up a stick foundation in the shade 'Warm Ivory' and since getting it I think I've only tried it about four times so far so I'm still not 100% on my decision just yet. It's very light coverage, great for good skin days when you just want to even everything out but thats my only opinion on it so far - more to follow soon I guess!
I also picked up a matte lipstick in the shade 'Rosewood' and I'm not going to lie part of me jumped at this shade because of the name making me instantly remember PLL. However luckily for me the lipstick shade is a gorgeous burnt terracotta colour. The formula is blooming amazing and I honestly don't know what would actually make this disappear from your lips its that good! The only thing I will say is you really need to make sure your lips are well moisturised because it is a tad bit drying.

Have you added any beauty products to your collection lately?