So lets address the elephant in the room, it's been two months and here I am acting like it's totally normal to just upload a post without addressing where I've been. But I've just paid for my domain for another year so Darling Jordan is sticking around. So rather than giving excuses as to why I haven't been posting lets just right back into the swing of things. 

So I thought what a better way than getting back to normal than with a favourites post. It's been ages since I done one of these and I've kind of gathered everything together that I've been loving from May to right now. Some have obviously been in my life longer than others but these have definitely been my Summer gems so far.

I'm going to start with Tans because yup thats right back in May this girl made it her goal to figure out self tan and ever since I've 9 times out of 10 been wearing fake tanner. Of course there has been mishaps in-between where it was streaky and uneven and hey I was even green for a day...but thats for a whole other post next time! However all that aside Tantastic became my favourite tanning brand (and trust me I tried my fair few). I fell head over heels with the formulas, the scent and the overall colour it would give you. The Fast Drying Self Tan Lotion I was using in Medium for a very long time, literally think this is my fourth tube but I just adore it. So it has a colour indicator meaning you can easily spot if you've missed anywhere and come morning time you have the most gorgeous Golden Goddess tan ever. The lotion is also really moisturising on the skin and spreads so easily.
After using the lotion for a few weeks I decided to venture out and decided to go with the same brand but try out their Fast Drying Self Tan Liquid in Dark and I instantly fell in love with this too. Now again the colour this gives is just beautiful, like I'm talking a tan from the Bahamas in a bottle. The only thing about the Liquid is you really have to make sure your skin is well moisturised as its not as moisturising as the Lotion is. However these two have been my go to self tanners for the past two months and I honestly have now turned into the person who cannot stand looking at my usual Snow White like skintone.

Sticking to the whole tanning side of things, my skin has never been so looked after in it's life like I'm literally moisturising everyday and thats just not something I would ever do. As to what moisturisers I've been loving my top pick has definitely been the Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisture in Cocoa Radiant. Literally every body moisturiser should come in a can because I cannot get over how quick and easy it is to apply this like you're literally done in about 20 seconds its so great. Another one I've been loving for when I'm in-between tanning and just want to use something a little thicker is the Zoella Quench Me Body Sorbet, this scent just screams summer to me and as it's a lot thicker in consistency I feel like it's just helping give my skin a good moisturise. I use this one twice a week and stick to my Vaseline every other day.

Makeup wise I won't lie there hasn't been a whole lot of launches that I was like ohmygod if I don't get this now I am actually going to die, like not alot made me be over-dramatic. However one that I did give into was the Smashbox x Vlada Petal Metal Collection. This collection consisted of everything rose golden and it was just a dream. Although I didn't buy everything in the collection what I did pick up I fell in love with. The next three products I mention I've legit been wearing non-stop since purchasing them and I just love them so much. 

The Petal Metal Shimmer Spray is a cream consistency that you spray onto your face before applying your makeup (the first time I used this I sprayed it on top of my makeup thinking it was like a setting/finishing spray...yeah don't do that), of course it's rose gold in colour and gives the skin a lovely glowy look. I either use this as my primer or mix it in with it depending on my mood. I also picked up the Petal Metal Liquid Liner in the shade 24k Rose which of course is....yep you've guessed it Rose Gold! I pair this with the Smashbox Always On Liquid Liner just for an extra pop of colour and something different I suppose. The applicator is a silicone brush which makes it super easy to apply and makes the application a whole lot faster than when its a tiny brush with bristles (I cannot for the life of me get the hang of those). Finally I've also fallen head over heels with the Petal Metal Highlighter in the shade Rosemantic. This is (obvz) a gorgeous rose pink toned highlighter which I kind of use as a highlighter and blush at the same time because it's such a beautiful shade. There is another more Champagne toned highlighter in the range that I still have my eye on as a treat yo'self kind of moment, I'll keep you updated. I did also buy the eyeshadow palette from this range and it is absolutely gorgeous but I ended up not including it just because when it comes to eyeshadow palettes I never stick to one and change them daily but it's just as gorgeous as the rest of the collection!

I've also been adoring the Zoella So Soft Lip Oil for when I remove my makeup and my lips feel a little dry. It smells amazing and leaves your lips feeling hydrated and soft. The lipstick i've been wearing for the past 6 months atleast has been the Smashbox Lipstick in Audition, it's just the most perfect nude shade and is so close to the colour of my lips that if it wears off a little you cant even tell. I've finished one tube of this shade and I'm nearing the end of my second tube. I'll definitely be re-purchasing another because it is honestly just the perfect nude. Sticking with Smashbox I've also been obsessed with their new Photofinish So Chill Coconut Primer Water. It's like their original primer water but with a little bit of Summer added too it, the scent just reminds me of holidays and I'm obsessed. The Primer Water has been a holy grail product of mine for over 2 years now and I'm forever recommending it to people because of how versatile it is as you can use it for so many things.

Something I don't talk about an awful lot is perfumes which I find slightly strange as I have a slight addiction when it comes to them. 3 drawers out of my Alex 9 drawer is just full of fragrances, however I do think I don't talk about them..well type about them a lot just because of how hard it is to describe a scent to someone without them being able to smell it. Y'all must know the struggle I'm talking about...right?!
Anyhow I've been obsessing over 3 scents, in reality there was 7 but I narrowed it down to three that I haven't spoke about before just to be different, but still to this day my staple fragrance is Gucci Bloom! While in Birmingham Airport back in June I went to Victorias Secret aka heaven and picked up the 'Love' gift set along with a lot of other things I did not need. This is such a beautiful scent though, I'm such a sucker for sweet floral scents when it comes to fragrances. The set included the perfume, a body spray that contains glitter(!!!!!) and a body lotion. Also the box it came in and how its presented is basically why I bought it (and obvz because I liked the smell too).
Something slightly in the more luxury side I finally got myself a bottle of Tom Ford Velvet Orchid and I'm literally still so excited about finally owning a bottle of it. After falling in love with it last year during a training day I finally have my very own bottle. While this is a slightly differ scent than I normally go for I'm obsessed. Its a strong but very light fragrance that I will admit I don't think lasts very long but I mean it's still fab and I love it. I'd describe it as almost like a strong powdery rose but not as sweet as the likes of the Miss Dior EDP. (I'm so horrendous when it comes to talking about fragrance smells ohmygod like)
And then on the complete opposite side of the expensive spectrum I've been loving the Zoella Botanic'Eau scent as it is the most summery thing I've ever smelt in my life. It's so fresh and crisp and just screams summer too me. I have this in my handbag all the time as I'm so in love with it. I adore Zoella's products and she always seems to get the scents bang on trend for the season it's released in.

Finally swiftly back to skincare for a moment I've been really loving using the Superdrug Vitamin E Leave On Moisture Mask it's just so hydrating and my skin always looks and feels so much brighter and healthier after I've used it. During the Summer months especially in this weird heatwave we've been having (seriously having an actual full blast Summer in Ireland is so strange and I'm just not made for this heat we're experiencing like I feel like I'm melting all day everyday!) my skin sometimes feels dry or even dehydrated so this is absolutely perfect for putting all the moisture back into it. It also smells really nice and is so soothing when you apply it.

I just had to mention Freeist a brand that I would normally never kind of pay much attention too because it's a 'healthier' alternative as its sugar free. But OHMYGOD I'm so obsessed with their chocolate and popcorn. Like seriously it tastes so good and I've been eating their chocolate over normal chocolate when I feel like a sweet treat and yeah I'm slightly in love with the brand.

And there you have it, the products I've been loving throughout Summer so far.
What have you been obsessing over during the Summer months so far?