I'm writing this in April having already broken 90% of the things I'm going to list below which is why it's going to be for the month of May. I find that when I write things down and put them out into the universe I tend to stick to them a little better than if I just said them to myself. 

So here are a few things I want to achieve in May

Pay off my Credit Card in full AGAIN
Damn you person who approved me for this thing but dang is it hard to not use. It's legit at the point where when I pay it off I tell myself I'm not using it again but then something pretty pops up in a shop somewhere with a ridiculous price tag, or somebody I love announces concert dates and I end up using it again. So come the 28th of April (pay day) my bills are being cleared and my credit card is being removed from my purse and given to someone else. I have to be strict with myself in May because I need my card to be cleared so I have it for the month of June which holds an extreme amount of concerts and days out.

Don't treat yo'self
This is such a downfall for me, I believe in it a tad too much than any individual should (but my attitude if i don't who will). I'm talking strict no treating yourself to the €250 bag you 'need' because it's your 'aesthetic', no ordering from Just Eat as a I've just had a really long day in work and want pizza just because. So I'm literally going to be avoiding shops for the entireity of the month so I don't buy things I think I need. That's another thing about me theres not a clear divide between what I want and what I actually need because I just think I need everything.

Save Save Save
This kind of ties in with the previous two points but its true, I really need to save for the entire month so I can survive throughout June because I have so much on and happening between concerts, events and birthdays. While I'm absolutely buzzing for it all and you can bet I have a countdown for it all happening on my phone but part of me is dreading the expense side of me. While normal people probably would have been putting money aside for when they know these kind of things are happening I'm just not that smart.

Figure out how fake tan works and master applying it
I realise this is a tad random but I literally cannot use fake tan to save my life and I really want to be good at applying it. It gets to the point where you kind of start getting sick of standing beside people and actually looking dead because you're so pale. Yet every time I have tried previous to apply it I kind of resemble a Dalmatian rather than somebody who's been in the sun for a week. So I need one thats literally fool proof - if you know of any please let me know!

Limit yourself to one Starbucks a week
While I'm being harsh on myself I'm allowing myself a few cheat things to happen, for example every time I'm on an early shift in work I buy a coffee, which sometimes can be up to four times a week and its a fiver a pop! So I'm limiting myself (which I've been doing since mid April so I should be able to stick to it) to one a week for the day I feel like I actually really need it rather than just as a oh I'll get a coffee this morning just out of habit.

Countdown to Demi Lovato
Because FINALLY concerts start back *happy dances* After a three month break my concerts are finally starting back and I'm beyond excited for them all. I have Demi Lovato this month to keep me going until next month when I have four different ones *celebrates* So yeah you can bet I'ma be counting down to the 25th of May until I get to see this absolute Queen in concert.

Whats on your to do list for the month of May?