The Wet n Wild Foundation I've Fallen In Love With

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation
 Recently while out shopping and treating myself to a bit too many "gifts" I wondered into a local pharmacy that has a Wet n Wild stand. I decided that I wanted a few things from it and one of those things that I wanted to try was the Photo Focus Foundation after hearing a couple of good reviews about it.

When You Love GuineaPigs So Much You Buy Everything They're On! Cath Kidston and Guineapig Wheekly Haul

I don't know if you know this yet but I'm pretty darn obsessed with Guinea Pigs, I mean how can you not adore those cute little faces with those cute tiny little noses and mouths, ugh so adorable! Recently I went on a little Guinea Pig themed spree and I'm obsessed with absolutely everything I picked up. Sheldon definitely appreciated it all, he was delighted everything had Guinea Pigs on it, I can just tell! (You can find posts featuring Sheldon here)

My Week Off Work Through My Instagram

darling jordan instagram
Last week was my week off from work and it was the most glorious thing. Although it started out bad and painful it ended really good and now that I'm back in work I'm already counting down to my week off for Halloween. 

Monday was the bad start to it as from the previous Friday I had been absolutely dying in pain from a horrendous toothache and absolutely nothing would help no matter what painkillers I took. I ended up having to get the tooth pulled and although the Dentist had given me the anaesthetic and had pulled the tooth within 15 minutes it was painful when the anaesthetic finally wore off. In fact five days later and it was still sore! However that out of the way it did mean I took it easy all week and just relaxed.

Blank Canvas Brushes Pick or Skip?

Blank Canvas Brushes
While on my hour lunch break from work one day I decided to go browsing through the shops, and to my surprise a local pharmacy has gotten a Blank Canvas Cosmetics stand and I immediately knew I had to pick up at least one brush. So I picked up three! I have heard so many good things about this brand and so I was super duper excited to finally get my hands on some and give them a whirl.

Smashbox Primerizer, A Moisturiser and Primer All in 1

Smashbox Makeup
 So I'ma be straight up and say when I do my makeup the first thing that goes on my face is a primer, I have no time nor do I really care for moisturiser at 7am/8am in the morning when doing my makeup, infact it could be 2 in the afternoon and I still wouldn't put moisturiser on before doing my makeup. Why? Well frankly because the effort and time and ugh, just leave me sit on my bed watching Netflix while I slap some products on my face..but not moisturiser..obviously!

Hola Coco A Hairmask That Shows Results From The First Use?

Hola Coco Hair Mask
Recently I've gotten really into hair treatments and anything claiming to help improve the look and feel of my hair I'm all on board for. Recently I tried out the Hola Coco* hair mask and I finally finished it all up today and I'm ready to give you all the details on it!

Okay starting off with the scent, anything that smells of coconuts you can just slather it all on my hair because theres nothing nicer than when you swish your hair over your shoulder and you can smell it, my fave! The formula is quite thick giving it a very luxurious feel and although it's thick it spreads really well over damp hair.

A Few Beauty Pieces I've Added To My Collection Recently

We're not even going to get into the whole "I know it's been awhile since I blogged" like we're literally skipping right past that because I've wrote it way too many times before and still to this day I'm not as organised as I'd like too be but hey I do try...

Recently I've been buying a lot of makeup items again and it's gotten to the point where I'm either no longer allowing myself to do so until I start working through some of the products or i just have to have a clear out and give away the items I don't use. Both options seem traumatic too me so Im still trying to decide on which one may be better for me Although the day this goes live I'm getting a tooth pulled so I'm making my dad buy me some Urban Decay goodies from Duty Free so I feel a little bit better about myself and also as a treat yo'self