Primark really are ahead of their game at the moment, they are literally bringing out everything and I am loving it! I stumbled across these little sprays and just had to pick one of each up to have because they're such a cute idea. For €2.50 each I think I'll definitely be picking up more.

Starting with the Dream Spray, a pillow and body spray that smells of Lavender and Jasmine and my god is it glorious. Ever since buying this I have been using it every night and I swear it really is helping me drift off to sleep quite quickly. I have wanted to try a pillow spray for the longest time, especially the ThisWorks range but because its a tad on the expensive side for what it is I decided against it. But thank the lord for Primark because this is divine. I usually find myself falling asleep after an hour in bed but this spray has been seriously helping me drift off within 10 minutes which is so great! It's such a relaxing scent I just adore it. I did go back to Primark especially to get another one of these recently but they are always sold out of this specific one, so I'm just going to have to keep an eye out for it because it is so wonderful. 

The Wake Up energising spray I was a bit iffy about, I mean how can a scent make you feel energised, but I bought it to give it a try anyway. With a Ginger and Lemon scent surprisingly it does make me feel awake, maybe not energised but definitely awake due to the strong citrus smell it has. It's also really nice and fresh so I do think that helps. I'm not going to lie though I have no idea if I'm supposed to spray this in my room or on myself as it doesn't say it on the bottle like the Dream one does. I have been spritzing it around my room when I wake up in the mornings and that seems to be helping but the only thing I will say that after a few minutes the scent is totally gone. Although for the price tag I'm not expecting miracles. Although I do think that it's a little in my head about this making me feel more awake but it is a really nice fresh scent to smell in the mornings. This is probably the one that if I couldn't repurchase again I wouldn't really be upset about it. But I am glad I picked it up and I will continue to use it up until it's gone. 

Finally the third one of the bunch is Keep Calm an anti-stress spray. This has notes of Jasmine and Lilac and is such a relaxing, calm kind of scent. Anyone that does feel anxious or stressed I'd definitely recommend this one too just because of how calming it smells. While a little bit stronger than the Dream spray but not as sweet as the Wake up one the only way I can describe this scent is it kind of reminds me of a Lush store..but calmer and a tad more floral. Again though just like the Wake Up spray this doesn't actually say what kind of spray it is, so like the other I just spritz it around the room to fill it with it's glorious scent. 

I've honestly become so obsessed with these, my favourite out of the three being the pillow spray just because I'm using it every night and fully believe that the strong scent of lavender is helping me drift off.  For €2.50 a bottle I definitely think they're worth a try and think the thought of them are so lovely, especially the Anti-Stress one. 

Have you tried any of the Primark Sprays yet?