Have The Barry M Lipkits Replaced Kylie's In My Makeup Collection?

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit
As the craze for Kylie Lipkits start to die down the obsession with matte liquid lips still live! With each brand bringing out their own versions so that theres so much choice for every budget. The latest being the Barry M Matte Me Up Lipkits.
Now I'm not going to be biased, it is true I absolutely adore Kylie's products but when I do a comparison and notice good things I do state it! 

Barry M is a brand that I swear by for nail varnish, I haven't really tried a wide variety of their cosmetics line but as soon as I seen the Matte Me Up kits launched I knew I needed all three. They have also launched some of the liquid lipsticks on their own in more colours. However I decided to pick up the three lipkits to give them a try and to see if they are in anyway comparable to Kylie's. 

What's Currently In My Makeup Bag

I thought it was about time that I finally done an updated What's in my Makeup bag. This is probably one of my favourite posts to read just because I always find new products that I want to try out, so lets get into what I'm currently using.

Starting with base products I'm currently using.

I've been loving the Origins Ginzing Moisturiser (€30.00) first thing in the morning, I just feel like it leaves my skin feeling awake and it smells absolutely divine. This is a mini version that I picked up in an Origins set I got back in the Boots sale (post here) and I can honestly see myself buying the full sized product!
I've also been using the Botanics Radiant Youth Eye Roll On (€12.99) which I've also been really enjoying. The product is refreshing and the product inside is flesh coloured so it help's eliminate any dis-colouration under the eyes. 

Kylie Cosmetics The Royal Peach Palette

So if you're new here, Hi my name is Jordan and I have a slight addiction to Kylie Cosmetics. If you already knew this...Hi hope you're well, welcome back!
With every new release Kylie brings out I cant help but get excited about it and not think twice about throwing my money at her. When she announced she was releasing The Royal Peach Palette I knew I wanted it and so on launch day (well because of time differences, launch night) I waited anxiously on her website ready to refresh the page in hopes to get the latest release. Luckily I did and a week later it popped through my letterbox (along with a customs charge, but we'll forget about that).

Payday Spending...Again!

I dont know about you but as soon as payday hits I have to buy things straight away, I just cant help it! So when payday rolled around it was no different than any other time. I placed a huge Kylie Cosmetics order, I'm talking $200 worth of Kylie Makeup along with a $65 one too. So I'm mega excited for those to arrive, I mean you just gotta treat yourself every month!

New To My Makeup Collection - SmashBox

Smashbox Cosmetics
Smashbox is one of those brands that I swear by one of their products and have tried barely anything else from their range. Well that was the case..now it's finally changed. Smashbox has been my go to brand for Primers for the past two years. Starting out with their Photo Finish Primer that I fell in absolute love with and still am to this day. Since then I have moved on to their Primer Water which is just life changing, seriously if you've still to try this out I beg you to go to your local counter and spritz it onto your face. 
With a few new launches over the past few weeks I decided it was finally time to dive into some of their other products and give them a whirl!

Valentines Gift Ideas

Whether you hate it or love it, Valentines Day is approaching and I thought why not pop a little gift guide together incase anybody needs some ideas. Of course if you're not in a relationship right now you could also totally treat yourself to something because why the hell not!? Spoiler Alert I bought the entire Kylie Cosmetics Valentines Bundle as my valentines gift to myself, to me from me!

January's Skincare Menu

Skincare Menu, Good Skincare, Skincare Routine
January was the month I basically used almost every skincare item I owned, okay so maybe not every item but at least half the products I own anyway. In January my skin kind of acted up a lot, which I blame all the junk food I ate back in December. 

There's no particular products I used more than the other or in any particular order really so lets jump right into it!

Products I've Added to My Collection

New Products I've Added To My Makeup Collection
There's nothing I love more than a post all about products people have been buying and trying out. So this is exactly what this one is. Over the past few weeks I've been given some products from work and also treating myself to some products aswell and today is the day I talk about them all. 

January Makeup Menu

January Makeup Menu
As January has come to an end I thought I'd share the products I absolutely loved during the blue month! My makeup basically stayed the same except for the odd day when I bought a new product and wanted to try it out. But I'm sure you'll be seeing them products very soon here on Darling Jordan.