Affordable Christmas Bits With Aldi

Lets get the most obvious thing everyone may be thinking by this title out of the way, this is not a sponsored post nor do Aldi even know I'm writing this. I genuinely think that they have such great little bits in at the moment so I wanted to share them all.

When I done up my room Aldi had gotten in a range of Copper Homeware and amazed me with the quality (find them in this post here) so since then I'm forever having a look every week at what special items they get in. Every now and then they get such great bits in and I just have to pick them up. Now that Christmas is approaching I cannot wait to see what they get in. Of course they've already started getting some items in and I've already been buying! From lounge wear and dressing gowns covered in Unicorns to Santa sacks and festive fuzzy socks they have it all!

What I've Been Spending My Money On Lately

You know when you look at your bank balance and swore you had a lot more than whats currently there and you kind of sit in disbelief wondering where the hell it all went?! Me everyday to be honest! But I thought I'd share some of the products I've been spending my pennies on lately. If you follow me on Snapchat (darlingjordan) you may have seen some of these already and if not well then here you go!