Kiss Cosmetics False Lashes For Natural Fluttery Eyes

Kiss Cosmetics Strip Lashes and Individual Lashes
One thing I love a lot is false lashes. I wasn't blessed with long lashes so to get that fluttery look I have no choice but to wear lashes, no "lengthening" mascara works on my lashes so it's the way too go for me. Recently a few different styles from Kiss Cosmetics came through my door and I was so excited to try them out. I received three packets of Strip Lashes* and a packet of Individual Lashes*. I have tried numerous amount of lash brands but I'm almost 100% sure this was my first time trying out the Kiss brand so of course I was excited to see how they would last up against some of my favourites.

Zoella Lifestyle Haul

Zoella Lifestyle
Sao I'm sure you've heard by now that Zoella has launched a Lifestyle range and I'm in love with it. I adore the products Zoella brings out and have yet to try something that I don't like from her Beauty range. So when she announced her Lifestyle range there were a few things I wanted to treat myself too cause I'm all about that treat yo'self life!

So I decided to pick up four things from the range now and gradually buy everything else when I'm a tad bit more financial than what I am. So basically when I start my new job everything else will be mine. I bought all these from Boots which have them all on 3 for 2 which is such a great offer and it's such good value when it works out that you're getting one free.

Beauty Products I'm Excited To Start Using

So you know when you're constantly buying new every week..I really need to stop doing that. But anyways when you do that other items that you once loved gets pushed to the back of your collection, leaving it to be forgotten about until you have a clear out..or you're on a spending ban. For me it's the spending ban option. So I decided to go through my makeup drawers and see what I could find and found 8 gems that I had forgotten all about. So now that I know I have them I've been making myself use at least 2 or 3 of them every time I do my makeup, because who doesn't love a challenge!?

Mac Sun Siren Look In A Box

One of my Birthday presents this year (full post here) was a Mac Look In A Box set in Sun Siren. Now I will admit before this set the only things I had tried from Mac was their lipsticks and 1 of their foundations. Although its one of the big brands and every now and then they bring out stuff I want, I'm not their biggest fan. When it comes to makeup I love one brand one week and a different the next. Although thats not to say I was extremely pleased and excited to get this as I was definitely excited to try everything inside, especially their shadows as I'd been dying to try their formula.

My Autumnal Must Haves

With Autumn quickly approaching and the crisp cold air starting to fall nothing has me more excited for this time of year. I bloomin adore Autumn, everything about it makes me super happy and I'm so glad it's that time again! So while I love everything about it I thought I'd share some of my must have autumnal fashion and beauty items. 

Life Lately || New iPhone 7 Plus, Living With Aurora A Year & More.

I know posts here on Darling Jordan have been a bit all over the place lately, sometimes you'll get two posts in a row and others well you'll get nothing. Trying to get back into a scheduled routine has been harder than I thought however I wanted to do a little update post just because I really enjoy reading and writing them.

Why GuineaPigs Are My Spirit Animal

Guinea Pig
 If you've been reading Darling Jordan for awhile or even following me on Instagram I'm sure you're well aware of my Guineapig Sheldon, if not this is my Guineapig Sheldon. I've been living with Sheldon for over 2 years now and I've learnt over that time that GuineaPigs are definitely my spirit animal. Let me tell you why!

Sleep All Day...Err'dayy!
I bloomin love sleep and Sheldon is the laziest lil fellow I've ever come across and he also loves his sleep. If you wake him up while he's asleep he will let you know about it and will walk around his cage giving out for a solid 10 minutes before settling back down. I love naps and I may have to have 1 or 2 throughout the day or otherwise I cannot function properly.

Kylie Cosmetics Limited Edition Mini Mattes

So theres no surprise in knowing that I am obsessed with the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks. I'm always so surprised when I hear people who say they didn't like them because I honestly don't know how you could possibly find something wrong with them. Anyways today I decided to talk about the mini mattes. These were released as a limited edition item as part of the products Kylie released for her Birthday month and luckily I grabbed a set (along with some other bits, well basically everything she released for the birthday collection) 

Zoella Beauty Secret Scenta

Zoella Beauty Secret Scenta
So Zoella recently launched some Christmas items and while I'm someone who disagrees with such sort of shopping until after Halloween the Secret Scenta set caught my eye. I mean 4 mini bottles of perfumes each with a different scent..where do I sign up!? I didn't even realise you could order these off Superdrug until I saw Hannah from HannahHeartss tweet her blog post about it where she had linked everything from the collection. So therefore I am blaming Hannah for the money I spent in Superdrug because I ordered a lot more than just this! You can find Hannah's post on the whole collection here, be warned though you'll just end up wanting everything.
In the set you get a mini Blissful Mistful, Let's Spritz, Sweet Inspirations and Bake My Day. Before purchasing this set I had only ever tried the Blissful Mistful body mist. I had tried products from the tuti fruiti range (Let's Spritz was part of) so knew what the scent was going to be like. So Sweet Inspirations and Bake My Day were the new surprises for me.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Rose Palette || First Impressions

Collection Cosmetics Eyes Uncovered Nude Rose Palette Review
When Collection first released their Eyes Uncovered palettes I was super excited about it and picked up the first three immediately. I had previously owned the palette they collaborated with Little Mix on and at the time it was my go to palette. The shadows were crazy pigmented, buttery and blended well, and for the small price tag lasted hours on my eyes! So when they released the second batch of palettes I was gutted that my local Boots never stocked them. So after awhile I kind of forgot about them until recently when placing a Superdrug order.

So I Done Up My Room...

So after showing bits and pieces of it here and there on different social media sites, I've finally gotten around to taking pictures for this blog post. A few weeks back I decided that it was time to move on from the room covered in posters and photos and make it a more grown up space that I'd fall in love with. With an idea in my head I went to Ikea & picked up everything I needed. After 5 days of hard work (not by me though, by my parents, love y'all!) my room was finally finished and I couldn't be anymore in love with it. 

Note that this post is very photo heavy so if thats not your kind of thing you won't enjoy this! However if you love homeware bits and bobs and seeing how people have decorated their rooms then this is the post for you. 

What I Got For My Birthday

So back on the 26th of August I turned 22! Yes I tweeted all the Taylor Swift gifs humanly possible, you may have even unfollowed me because of it all. But I had a whole day to take advantage of it all so really who could blame me!? I wasn't planning on doing this post but after asking on twitter (through a poll) a lot of you wanted to see one, so here I am giving the people what they want. It was a good day though because not only was it my was also payday...oh and the last day of work, yup after 6 months I left the airport and it was a glorious day!