What I Got For Christmas 2015

What I Got For Christmas

It's that time of year again, well it was.. the actual day itself is over and I return back to reality tomorrow sadly but it was Christmas! The weather today has picked up so I decided to take a few quick snaps of everything I got for Christmas before finding places for everything in my room. So while everything is still looking pretty in it's packaging why not!? This post is a little photo heavy so if that isn't your style don't worry more posts coming soon!
I was so extremely happy with everything I got this year. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the new year.
Now onto the post!

A Seventeen Cosmetics Surprise || Beauty

Seventeen Cosmetics
Seventeen Cosmetics
Seventeen Cosmetics

After a long day at work who doesn't love coming home to a parcel full of surprises! Even better when it's full of makeup products from one of your favourite brands. Wrapped in a little basket and tied with a big red bow was 7 products that instantly put a smile on my face.

I adore Seventeen cosmetics for their affordable but amazing quality products. I was also so excited to have received some products I had actually yet to try out from the range. Inside the basket was one product I have tried before and use on a daily basis which is the Define & Conquer contouring kit. I literally love this product so much and even prefer it over my Nars Laguna Bronzer.

Things I Enjoyed Last Week #2 || Life


It's starting to get scary how fast these weeks are going as Christmas quickly approaches. Is it just me though that no matter how many christmas movies I watch or how many gifts I wrap it just still does not feel like Christmas at all!? Anyways I've decided to share what I enjoyed last week because well I always enjoy these kind of posts.

Firstly something you may not know about me is I adore video games! So when I'm on my day off from work you can bet that I am sitting on my bed playing my PS4. Right now I am loving Black Ops III because yes I am also one of those people who loves shooting games over any other. I've also realised that I can play Spotify in the background while playing a game which is bloody brilliant and so I have been doing exactly that!

The Pen Every Stationery Lover Will Obsess Over || Gift Idea

Ted Baker
Ted Baker Pen
Ted Baker Pen

Ted Baker is a brand that has definitely stood out to me this festive season. With gorgeous tree trinkets and star gifts in Boots I've been stocking up on the body lotions and body mists lately. However I wanted to make a post especially for this beauty, I'm sure we can all admit we're addicted to stationary. So how gorgeous is this pen (which is also a stylus) and pouch duo for a stocking filler.

The gorgeous pastel pinks, purples and rose golden detailing is perfect for anyone who loves some pretty stationary in their collection. The design on both pen and pouch consists of hummingbirds and flowers, it's honestly one of the most gorgeous designs I've ever come across and let's not get started on the rose gold detailing because that's a win win all together.

Wrapping Christmas Presents || Life

Christmas Gift WrappingChristmas Gift Wrapping

Honestly it amazes me when people get their gifts wrapped in shops or by other people because personally it's one of my favourite things to do at this time of year. Firstly though before I go any further can we just appreciate how absolutely adorable my slipper socks are! That out of the way, yes wrapping, favourite thing, love it!

Normally I go for patterned wrapping paper with some sort of Disney princess printed  all over but since last year I have been adoring the whole vintage look vibe and decided to do it again this year but instead of ribbon I got some red and white string.
This year I will admit trying to find the brown wrapping paper was an absolute nightmare literally no stores were stocking it. However as always it was in the last store I decided to check.

Better Than Sex Mascara || Beauty

Too Faced Mascara Review
Better Than Sex Mascara Review

When it comes to certain beauty products such as mascaras I find there is always a divide between people as certain ones work for some and not the other. The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara was one of those that I read mixed reviews about. Some people were praising the mascara and saying great things while others said it was a waste of money and that it did nothing. Like I said everything works differently for people however when I received this mascara back in late August I was so excited to give it a try.

Now normally I'm not one to ever go for a mascara that isn't waterproof however this is an exception. Before trying this the only mascara I swore by was the Benefit They're Real and now after trying Better Than Sex I have not looked back. The only downfall I have for it is I wish they did a waterproof formula. Damn you watery eyes!

Fragrance Christmas Sets On A Budget || Beauty


Incase you didn't know it's Christmas time now, which means the shops are full of Christmas decor and gift ideas and all sorts of good stuff! However I know that when you're on a budget gift shopping can be difficult however I've gotten two perfect fragrance gift sets that are perfect for people on a budget, while also being great for the fragrance lovers in your life!

I personally love So...? for reasons being the nostalgia it brings and also that it's affordable and still great! There are so many fragrance/body spray sets you can buy cheaply especially at this time of year but the scents barely linger for more than 10 minutes whereas the So...? ones will last much much longer!