Since the beginning of 2018 Mario Badescu was a brand that made it onto my ‘must try something from this brand at some point of this year’ list. After hearing rave reviews about numerous of products I knew that I wanted to have at least one product in my collection to give a whirl. Fast forward to 11 months into the year (which is actually crazy because where on earth did those 11 months go already!?) I finally have two products that I’ve been trialing over the past few months and now I can finally share my opinions on Mario Badescu skincare products….well the ones I’ve tried obviously.

Starting with the much anticipated Drying Lotion. This was the number one product I had read review after review about and 9 times out of 10 they were rave reviews. I’m lucky enough to not suffer a huge amount with spots and just get them when approaching my time of month and thats about it. Sometimes I do get a random one here and there which I’m like ‘excuse me can you like not!?’ So when I got this Drying Lotion as part of a Birthday present I was more than happy to wait and welcome any spot that felt like appearing on my skin. I legit think I owned this bottle a whole 7 days before I got a spot and honestly it probably appeared over me stressing about not getting a spot so I could try this. But yes a spot finally appeared and since then many have after.

So I’m not going to lie I’m one of those people who doesn’t read instructions and just goes straight into the product, so after shaking the living daylight out of this little bottle and just as I was about to dip my cotton bud in the mixture I seen the words ‘do not shake together’ *facepalm* So yes m’loves heres a tip for you - read instructions! So me being all excited to try this product had to sit on my bed for a solid 30 minutes until the formula 100% separated and so I could finally apply the pink sandy part too my skin. When I first tried it I left it on for the day and at about 8pm when I was about to get into a shower I decided to wash it off and honestly I was far from impressed, especially for the little stiff price tag on it for what it’s supposed to do. However of course I wasn’t going to let that be my entire judgement of the product and continued to use it every time a spot appeared or tried too appear on my face.

After many uses of it later I must say I do really like this product. Do I think it’s worth the money? No, as there are purse friendlier items on the market that basically do the same thing. It definitely does reduce the size of the spot and take down any redness where the skin is irritated but I’ve definitely trialed a few drugstore skincare brands that do the exact same thing. However if it’s something you’ve been wanting to try for awhile and want to splurge on then I’d definitely recommend it but if you don’t feel like spending your money on it trust me you will definitely find a drugstore product that does the exact same thing, it may not be a drying lotion but you’ll definitely get the same results. 

Again just like the drying lotion another thing I wanted to try was one of the facial sprays. So I finally got around to trying out the Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea facial spray and oh my goodness I adore a good 'oul facial spritz but this one just beats them all. I don't know if it's the cooling effect it seems to have or the freshness it gives the skin or even the glorious scent all in all it's just beyond a winner for me. 

I've been using this as a primer spray, a finishing spray, just a refreshing spritz spray throughout the day and even on no makeup days. It's definitely one of those sprays that you can basically spray on you any time of the day and it'll instantly give your skin a lift. It comes in two sizes and for the larger size it's no more than €11 which is an absolute bargain! I've legit about a quarter of a bottle left and I know this will definitely be a product that I'll re-purchase. Legit gets a 10/10 from me.

Have you tried any Mario Badescu products?