Fool Proof Self Tanning

So back in April I decided that a resolution I would make for myself in May was too master fake tanning, why?! A little because I was just beyond sick of my Snow White complexion and a little I suppose was peer pressure....oh and the ridiculous heat wave we had! 
Anyways I was one of those people who would mess about with fake tan for one day out of the year, not really understand it, wake up orange and patchy and then proceed to never touch a bottle of tan again until the next year. So the month of May was an interesting one consisting of patchy tan streaks, hand marks where I had wiped the tan off un-nonce to myself, dodgy orange knuckles and elbows, hands that didn't look human, one day I was even green and then the odd day where I had nailed it.

So after a good 3 months of self tanning I've finally figured out the fool proof tans that work for me, and while my hands still never look quite right I'm almost always guaranteed I can wake up in the morning with a golden glow and no streaky lines! So I've tried quite a few and lived through a few disastrous tanning mishaps to bring you this post!

Beauty Products I've Been Loving This Summer

So lets address the elephant in the room, it's been two months and here I am acting like it's totally normal to just upload a post without addressing where I've been. But I've just paid for my domain for another year so Darling Jordan is sticking around. So rather than giving excuses as to why I haven't been posting lets just right back into the swing of things. 

So I thought what a better way than getting back to normal than with a favourites post. It's been ages since I done one of these and I've kind of gathered everything together that I've been loving from May to right now. Some have obviously been in my life longer than others but these have definitely been my Summer gems so far.

I'm going to start with Tans because yup thats right back in May this girl made it her goal to figure out self tan and ever since I've 9 times out of 10 been wearing fake tanner. Of course there has been mishaps in-between where it was streaky and uneven and hey I was even green for a day...but thats for a whole other post next time! However all that aside Tantastic became my favourite tanning brand (and trust me I tried my fair few). I fell head over heels with the formulas, the scent and the overall colour it would give you. The Fast Drying Self Tan Lotion I was using in Medium for a very long time, literally think this is my fourth tube but I just adore it. So it has a colour indicator meaning you can easily spot if you've missed anywhere and come morning time you have the most gorgeous Golden Goddess tan ever. The lotion is also really moisturising on the skin and spreads so easily.
After using the lotion for a few weeks I decided to venture out and decided to go with the same brand but try out their Fast Drying Self Tan Liquid in Dark and I instantly fell in love with this too. Now again the colour this gives is just beautiful, like I'm talking a tan from the Bahamas in a bottle. The only thing about the Liquid is you really have to make sure your skin is well moisturised as its not as moisturising as the Lotion is. However these two have been my go to self tanners for the past two months and I honestly have now turned into the person who cannot stand looking at my usual Snow White like skintone.