How To Have The Perfect Cosy Night In

Cosy Night In
Cosy Nights in are my forte. 99% of the time you will find me under a fort made of blankets, surrounded by fairy lights and candles, binge watching Netflix with a hot beverage. Whether you feel like you need a good 'oul pamper, an evening where you can just completely chill or as a just because, Cosy Nights in are the best way to de-stress after a long day. So onto the essentials!

I honestly can hold my hand up and say how on earth did we survive without Netflix over the years. I've had my subscription going for well over a year now and it's been very rare for me to switch on normal television ever since, I mean how do people deal with all those adverts during shows?! Depending on how cosy I want to be determines what I watch Netflix on (please tell me this is the same for everybody else or am I just a tad bit strange?) So if I'm just wanting to chill out normally my laptop or phone is my choice depending on which one is charged more, but for ultimate relaxation it's my tv because then I can be in bed totally relaxed, plus the screen is bigger than all the other devices so it's usually my go to. Even better when it's a HDR Panasonic TV you're watching it on! So now that you've Netflix loaded and have figured out what device you're watching it on it's time to pick what you want to watch, a Rom-Com, Trash Reality Tv (who doesn't love this) or maybe continue binge watching your current tv show you're loving. Currently in the 'My List' section because I've been loving them are Riverdale, Gossip Girl, Just Go With It, Now You See Me 2 and Love Rosie.