Recently I've been writing down any and every idea that comes into my head for a blog post. So much so that I now have pages and pages full of ideas, so I won't be running out anytime soon.  My problem is just trying to find the time to write, which is such a shame because I miss it so much, but work and catching up on sleep at the moment are my priorities and my hobbies have been kind of pushed aside. However I am trying to get atleast one post up a week! Anyways for those days when you might be in a little bit of a blogging rut heres some ideas for you to maybe work on!

Your Current Makeup Menu
The current makeup products in your makeup bag or storage that you're using a lot lately. I love these posts as I always find new products others are using that I want to try.

Current ______ On Rotation
Have a lot of the same kind of products e.g.. mascaras and using more than 2 at a time, tell me about them! I currently have 6 mascaras on rotation at the moment and I have a post in my drafts all about them! Its actually quite a fun way to see which ones are your favourites.

Your Daily/Nightly/Everyday/Weekend Skincare Routine
Who doesn't love a good skincare post?! Probably one of my favourite kinds to read. Tell us all about the products you use and what products you recommend for skin types. How do you remove your makeup, what about your eye makeup?! Tell us all about it!

An Easy Hair Tutorial
Have you been rocking a hairstyle lately that you're really loving, show us how to do it! I love finding hair tutorials on Bloglovin, its a bonus when they are especially easy to do but make it look like you've spent hours doing it.

Your Spring/Summer Scent
What fragrance(s) do you love at this time of the year? Do you have different one(s) for different seasons? Let us know your current favourites!

A Room Tour
Take pictures of different parts of your room, especially that beauty collection of yours and show us! Who doesn't love having a nosey at how people have decorated their rooms. Anything involving Homeware is right up my street!

Meet The Blogger
Why not write a whole blog post all about yourself letting your readers get to know you a little better. This is something I always want to write but I'm forever forgetting about it. Have you any pets? Whats your favourite food? Do you like traveling? Tell it all, well maybe not it all but you know what I mean!

Looking Back On Your Blog Journey
This is a post I'm currently working on. Take a look back at when you first started blogging up until now! Have you photos of what your blog used to look like? What about photos you used to take, share them all. It makes you proud at how much you've improved and how far your corner of the internet has come.

We all have about a million and one things we want to buy, am I right!? Tell us what you're lusting after this month and if you're planning on spoiling yourself when payday arrives.

Desk Challenge
Want to revamp your blogging area? Why not set yourself a challenge and give yourself a budget of €30 and see what you can get! It could be a fun idea! I actually done it before although since then my desk has changed a lot but still if you'd like you can find it here.

Your Wardrobe Essentials For Spring/Summer etc
You know those few clothing items that you wear the heck out of in said season, show us! What are the items you love to wear this time of year?

Essential Beauty Tools
What makes applying your makeup so much easier? Is there a multi-purpose brush you have that you couldn't imagine your life without? What tools do you absolutely love. What about the tools you use to clean your brushes? Find anything life changing?

The Daily Thoughts Of A __ Something Year Old
A humour kind of post. Eg. - The Daily Thoughts Of A 20 Something Year Old.
Do you know those odd thoughts you have through out the day whether you're in work or at home why not share them to give someone a giggle. This is a post thats also in my drafts that I'm working on.

Buy This Instead Of That
Found a beauty dupe for a high end product - tell us! Have you found a dupe for Mac's Ruby Woo in your lipstick collection? What about Benefits Hoola Bronzer? Or maybe Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara?! Share all the dupes!

Your Current Spotify Playlist
I know I'm forever making new playlists atleast once a week to add new favourite songs into my playlist for commuting to work. Depending on what I'm in the mood for I have a playlist of my all time favourite songs, songs in the charts that I'm loving, favourite singers or 90's music. Share some of your playlists your loving at the moment!

Your Blogging Routine
Take us through how you go from writing a title of a post to when you press publish on a post your happy about. Show us your writing process, how you take photos and how you promote everything. Have you any ways to make taking photos easier, or maybe you've found a way to not make scheduling tweets so tedious, please share this one if you've found the answer!

Products I'm Currently Trying Out
More than likely you've bought a product this week and are already trying it out. Or maybe your finally trying out those skincare products you've had sitting on your shelf for the past two weeks. Why not give your first impressions on the products before giving your final review in a months time.

Products That Won The Month For Me
Kind of like a monthly favourites but show what products you're so excited about finding and buying because you're so in love with them. Are they something you'll forever re-purchase and dread the thought of them being discontinued? Are you going to buy a stock pile of them just incase?!

Products I'm Currently Using In The Bath/Shower
What products are you currently using? Tanning, Exfoliating, Shaving, Shampoo, Shower Gel, Bath Bombs, share it all!

Budget Friendly ___ That Actually Works
eg. skincare, haircare, foundations etc. We all love a good oul' drugstore product that has the feel of a high end product. Share your finds!

I hope some of these may have helped you or even helped you think of some blog posts you want to write.

Feel free to leave any other ideas in the comments to help out others!

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