I feel like a lot has happened lately but also that a lot hasn't, does that even make sense?
As you know I added a new member to the family who just so happens to be named Aurora. She's a fluffy bunny whom is the most energetic animal I think I've ever owned in my lifetime. You can read all about Aurora right here! I got Aurora a week after my dog passed away which is strange as this is the first time in 21 years I've never had a dog before but I'm sure we'll get another in the future.
On Tuesday I had to go to the Dentist which is my absolute worst fear. Seriously I would probably rather sit in the same room as a spider. I had to get a tooth pulled as I was in agony with it and yeah it was scary how never I'm no longer in pain which is great as personally I don't think there's any pain worse than a toothache especially one that won't go away with no amount of painkillers. I also went back down a few days ago to get my teeth cleaned and oddly enough I wasn't as nervous but I still felt ill! I think it was once I knew all my other teeth were fine I just calmed down a little more.

Then on Thursday something I never even imagined could happen, happened. Aurora broke her front teeth off her cage and so there was blood everywhere and we had to rush to the vets. Basically we bought her from a Pet Shop and I will never buy an animal from any pet store ever again after this. Her teeth were far too long causing them to get caught in her cage when she bit down on the bar and she wasn't able to set herself free and when she finally tugged and pulled with all her strength she pulled her teeth forward and broke them. After only having her for two weeks and something like this happening was the most traumatic thing I've ever experienced. I ended up having to leave the room we were in with the vet as I was crying so much as I was so afraid of what would happen. We ended up having to watch her for 48 hours like a hawk as we had to syringe feed her so we were basically keeping her alive, as she couldn't eat by herself. The poor little girl ended up getting 6 different needles while in the vets to help take the pain away. I debated whether or not to add photos of this as it is quite scary however I thought I would to allow people to be aware of this as it can happen if you're bunny's teeth are too long! (Note I didn't know they were too long, the pet store never informed us of anything and this was my first Bunny).
The second night after it happened she quickly grasped how to eat again trying to avoid using her teeth and was back eating her grass which was soaked in water to help it go all mushy. The third day she ate nothing other than the six medicines she was on. So we were trying to feed her compound from the vets which was full of goodness so once she was taking that from the syringe we were happy (it was hard to get her to take it as she didn't like it). By the fourth day she was back eating her dry grass and nuts, so she adapted pretty quickly. She also grasped drinking from a bowl as she's unable to use a bottle. Thankfully a week later she's back to her normal self and her nose (which she also had cut) has all healed. I took a photo everyday more so for us to see her recovery and it's pretty crazy. We will more than likely have to get her teeth filed every month now and hope for the front two to hopefully grow back normal. It's so good though to see her back to her energetic little self getting up to mischief.
I also got a job interview during the week which I surprisingly wasn't nervous for as every interview I have ever done I've ended up getting the job so I feel like I must sell myself well when it comes to them types of things. Plus it involves selling Makeup something I'm passionate about so I made sure to impress the interviewer! After 30 minutes of being asked about myself and asked about some scenarios and approaching customers on the floor I made my way to Starbucks because halleluiah my town finally has a Starbucks and I'm loving life. While in Starbucks and waiting to meet up with my parents to do a bit of shopping I noticed something that made me want to bang my head against the table I was sitting at. I went to a job interview....with my dress on backways! Don't even ask how it's possible as I had plenty of time to get ready but how never that actually happened! I ended up hearing back from them the next day and was offered the position so yey *celebrates* I start in two weeks time which I'm excited about!

Something else that has me excited and feeling happy is all the Halloween decorations in the shops. There is nothing I love more than taking my time walking down the Halloween isles looking at absolutely everything and adding some bits and bobs to my basket, because I totally need some more decorations..right!? I've made a few purchases so far which I'm sure you'll see in photos throughout the month as who doesn't love some Halloween props in the background of photos.

What have you been up to lately?