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When Autumn comes in I normally start to read some books. I don't know why but when it comes to the colder weather when everything is dull and I'm inside snuggled in the warmth with my fairy lights on it just makes me want to read more so than in Summer time.

This month I've picked two books to read, I didn't want to pick more than two because these books are both pretty thick and I think I'd just start getting stories mixed up if I went for three. So for this month I've decided to read

Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad This is the second book of a Series and I really enjoyed the first one so I can't wait to find out what happens next. It follows four girls who are living in L.A doing a reality tv show version of 'Sex and The City'. It consists of drama, betrayal, romance and all that kind of good stuff and I really enjoyed it however the last book ended on a clip hanger so I cannot wait to jump straight into this book to find out what happens next! Also I adore the covers for these they are just so bright and cute and definitely instagram worthy right.

The second book I decided to read is also the next book of a series, Vampire Diaries The Fury & The Reunion this is actually the third and fourth instalment in the one book which I actually really like because you have both books in the one. I used to watch The Vampire Diaries when it first came out but after a few seasons I just got bored of it and gave up on it. Maybe when I finish all the books I'll rewatch it all again, I suppose I'll know when I finish them all. I also have the fifth book ready for when I finish this one! Firstly how gorgeous is the cover, it's so Halloweeny. I really enjoyed the first two books and even managed to get scared reading some parts (don't ask) so I also cannot wait to jump into this one to see how the story unfolds.

Are you planning on reading any books this month?