It's that time again, yes it's monthly favourites time! I've put a few of the products/things together that I've been loving during the month of February to share with you, enjoy!

NYX HD Concealer I have adored using this product so much, I have literally used it every day I've worn makeup. I use it to highlight more so than conceal but can say that it does both jobs amazingly! I did a post all about it if you want to read more of my thoughts, find it here.

NYX Jumbo Crayon in Milk Staying on the NYX bandwagon I've also been adoring using this jumbo pencil. It's perfect for highlighting under the brows and trust me once you apply it you can guarantee that it will still be there when you go to remove your makeup. I've also been using it as an eyebase and it just makes your eye shadows look so much vibrant and works as a really good base!

Peppersmith Mints A while back I received a package from The Blogger Programme and one of the things inside were these insanely good mints! They're sugar free and contain Xylitol which helps maintain healthy teeth. Honestly how awesome is that!? I got them in the flavour 'sicilian lemon and peppermint' which are delicious and I need to order some asap!

Watching Movies I bought so many new dvds that I just chilled and watched (not all day) which I really enjoyed. Theres just something exciting about getting new dvds and finally being able to watch some of  your favourite movies whenever you want too.

Instagram I've always had an Instagram account but would only use it ever now and again but during February I decided instead of making a new one for my blog that I would just use it as a personal and blog account! I have been loving posting pictures everyday and have become obsessed with editing them on Instagram! You can follow me here if you'd like!

I Heart Strawberries & Cream Shower Gel There always seems to be a shower gel featured in my favourites, this month was no different! The I Heart Strawberries & Cream shower gel was my most used in February. It smells like Calpol! I got this in primark along with a body lotion for just €1 and I really hope they have more because I want to buy a million bottles, it just smells so good!

Half up bun hairstyle So after being lazy as hell I finally dyed my hair. (it's now blue-black) As my fringe is way too long and I'm talking past my chin long (but I don't want to cut it because it doesn't sit the way I like it) so I've been pulling half of it up into a bun and leaving the rest down, it's a simple hairstyle and literally takes all of three seconds. It also keeps my hair out of my face when it's windy which is always a plus.

What made it into your February favourites?