I have been dying to try some Wet n Wild products for the longest time. Early December I got an email from the lovely Jenn over at A Beautiful Zen to say that I was one of the winners of her Wet n Wild giveaway and I actually screamed. I was so excited when the postman handed me my package and I could not wait to open it to see what was inside.
A big thank you to Jenn for these lovely products and I'm so sorry for the probably horrendous postage price you had to pay to send these to me here in Ireland!
So let's get into what was inside my package.

The first thing I took out were the 3 eyeshadow palettes. I couldn't believe I had gotten 3 because these were the main Wet n Wild product I had been dying to try. I got the trio palette in '385B Don't Steal My Thunder' consisting of black, grey and white. Perfect for a smokey eye.
A bigger palette consisting of 5 shades in '394A I'm His Breezy' consisting of various shades of Blues which I'm really excited to try out as I adore wearing colours on my eyes.
Finally again another palette consisting of 5 shades in '395A The Naked Truth' which consists of different shades of browns. The colours in this are perfect for a brown smokey eye and I'm probably the most excited about trying out this one.

I then received the Mega Liner in '861 Black' and I have to say this is definitely jet black from the little swatch I did when I first got it. I'm not the best when it comes to liquid liner as I normally use gel but I am excited to give this a try as the brush is quite long and isn't as flimsy as some liquid liner brushes I have used. So maybe I'll be able to work it and end up with somewhat a decent cateye.

Finally I received 4 lip products which I was so excited about as you can never have enough!
The first one I pulled out was the Megaslicks Lip Gloss in '578 Sinless' which is a really glossy pink colour. The next thing I got was the Megaslicks Balm Stain in '126 Rico Mauve' which is such a pretty colour and I know it's gonna be great for when I just want to add a slight bit of colour to my lips. Finally I received 2 of the Wet n Wild lipsticks in '911D Stoplight Red' and '968 Pinkerbell' (is that not the cutest name ever for a lipstick shade) both these colours are so gorgeous and are definitely the kind of colours I'd pick up myself so mega excited about that!

I am beyond excited to finally be able to try out some products from this brand as I've heard so many wonderful things about them! I'm sure after using them for a couple of months I will share my thoughts on them.
Have you tried any Wet n Wild products?