Is it just me who thinks it's crazy that it's already 2015. I really cannot believe it I feel like last year just flew by! Here are my December 2014 favourites.

Yes To Cucumber Face Wipes: I'm coming to the end of this packet and I have to say I really enjoyed them for someone who doesn't enjoy using wipes. I found that these didn't irritate my skin in any way (I couldn't use them on my eyes though as I found they made them sore). I used these to take off most of my makeup before using my micellar water and they do a really good job at taking off almost everything. They are quite expensive for a pack of only 30 wipes but keeping in mind they are 95% natural so I think that was what appealed to me. They smell really refreshing too and I don't actually like cucumbers however every time I used one I did have a giggle as Sheldon started going crazy sniffing the air as cucumbers are his fave!

Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara: I will admit that I wasn't extremely impressed with this mascara when I first purchased it but I have grown to like it as it doesn't clump your lashes and keeps them looking quite natural but just better. Along with this it contains Argan Oil which is nice to apply to your lashes to keep them healthy. 

Individual Lashes: This month I really got into individuals instead of strip lashes and I have to say I don't know why I didn't start using them sooner! I guess I just had it in my head that I wouldn't know how to apply them but honestly they couldn't be any easier to use. I just adore the natural fluttery look you achieve with them on. 

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel: Oh the ever so famous shower gel! This was actually my first year trying this and I have to say it smells like candyfloss and leaves your bathroom smelling amazing! Although I don't use it every single day as it is quite sweet I have used it a fair bit during December and have really enjoyed it.

Gossip Girl: Oh my goodness, firstly thank god for Netflix. This show is amazing! I have been addicted to it ever since deciding to start watching it at the start of December. I'm currently just starting season 4 and honestly okay if you have time to watch 6 seasons of a show I recommend sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and start watching this as it is such a great show! Normally I lose interest with a programme after the first 2 series but this has kept me clicking next episode and telling netflix that 'yes, I am still watching Gossip Girl'. 

Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle: My fringe is starting to get quite long, and when I say quite long I mean past my chin long. However I don't want to cut it as I hate when it's only freshly cut because it doesn't sit right for so long and then it also doesn't fit into a pony or a bun either. I've been wearing this hairstyle quite a lot recently as it's great to just push my fringe back out of my face and it looks nice with straight hair or curly hair. Basically think Ariana Grande hairstyle!

What did you love in December?