I really cannot help myself when it comes to beauty products, once I see something I like I need to get it straight away. Please tell me somebody else feels the same? So of course all of this means I've bought some more things which really is not ideal for my bank account at the moment. Oops?
NYX The 'it' List
I finally got my hands on NYX products, trust me I almost screamed when I seen this on the shelf. I've been dying to try the butter glosses but it's really hard to get the brand here but when I found this I didn't care how much it was it was a ridiculous price to be honest as I was picking it up and running to the cash register before I could even think about walking away from it. I have to say though I am in love with them! The colours are so gorgeous (this was a 'the naturals' collection so they were all nudes) and they smell really nice! €17.99

I-Envy Individual Lashes
I have become obsessed with individual lashes and the effect they give. The only reason it took me so long to try them was because I honestly thought that they would be harder to do but trust me if you're used to putting on strip lashes like I was these are a breeze to do! They come in 3 different lengths and can last up to 4 weeks if you choose not to pull them off after wearing them for the day/night. €3.50 

Essence Come To Town Quattro Eyeshadow in 'Naughty Or Nice?'
Firstly how adorable is the packaging I think it's just so cute. There is two different versions of this one but the colours in this one just stood out more for me than the other one as I wear these kind of  colours a lot. The shadows are very pigmented and I really like how they are laid out. Plus it was so cheap I couldn't not get it! €3.49

Essence Come To Town Cream Blush in 'Is That You, Santa?'
When I seen this colour I thought it would look so gorgeous on the skin and because its cream its buildable which is great! Again there was another one of this product but in a purple tone and I'm just not sure I could rock a purple blush. I do adore this product though and I love that because its cream it doesn't allow you to take to much at once. It also smells really nice. €2.89