A favorite past time of mine is catching up on youtube and watching my favorite vloggers and beauty guru's. Earlier on in the year one of my favorite youtubers brought out her own lip gloss and nail polish collection and I was so excited to get my hands on some. 

Tanya Burr launched a range of 12 different lip glosses (9.09/£6.99) and 10 different nail polishes (6.49/£5.99) and so as soon as I was home from work that day, I jumped straight online to purchase some!

First Order

My first purchase consisted of two nail polishes and a lip gloss. The packaging for the lip gloss is so pretty and Tanya looks fab on it! It was so surreal seeing Tanya's name on the products after watching her on my laptop screen for years. 

 New York Night by Tanya Burr              Penguin Chic by Tanya Burr

The nail polishes I got are Penguin Chic and New York Night. Im very hard wearing with nail polish and due to being a hairdresser Im always in contact with water and chemicals so it is hard for a nail polish to not chip, however these magical ones have never disappointed me and I wear them quite regulary!

The lip gloss I got was Champagne Toast which is a nude colour with a hint of sparkle. Personally Im not a fan of lipglosses as I dont like the stickiness feel of them. However Tanya's wasnt crazy sticky, yes to an extent it is because it is a gloss but I really liked it and oh my god it smells amazing!!

Champagne Toast by Tanya Burr

The gloss had me sold (so did the nail polishes but i tend to choose makeup over nail polishes) so I went back to the website 2 days later to buy two of the pinky coloured glosses.

Second Order

                                                                   picnic in the park (top) 
                                                                   afternoon tea (bottom)

So after reading and watching reviews of Tanyas cosmetics I decided to buy 'Afternoon Tea' and 'Picnic in the Park' which are both pink colours, one being lighter and the other being darker. What I love about these glosses other than the amazing smell is that you can layer them which is awesome! 

These are available to buy online or in Superdrug stores if anybody is interested, trust me you wont be let down with these!

Did you purchase any of Tanya's products?