Birthday Wishlist ♥

Its my 20th birthday in exactly 26 days so I decided to throw a little wishlist together. Obviously I wont be getting all of this stuff but its kind of a list for myself for when I do go shopping I know what I actually want. (Top to Bottom) [1.] Sleek Blush in Rose Gold [2.] Make up Revolution Eye P…

Today's Purchases ♥

Decided to pop into Boots today for a quick look around and sadly the one in town doesn't have the greatest collection of makeup. However I did pick up 4 things that I have been wanting to try so why not share them here.

July Favourites ♥

Is it just me or are the summer months just flying by? However it is my birthday in August so I do have something to look forward too. I've decided to share a few things (not all beauty) I've been loving this month because who doesn't love reading people's monthly favourite's. 

Soap and Glory: No Clogs Allowed ♥

'A super self heating deep pore detox mask'
Recommended for Oily/Combination skin.

Soap and Glory are quickly becoming one of my favorite brands! I have tried out a number of their products and not a single one has failed me which makes me super happy. 
This however was not something I had planned on picking up, but I adore face masks so while in boots one day I noticed this and briefly read what it done and decided sure why not treat myself and give it a try.

A Sleek Purchase ♥

During the weekend I was visiting my best friend up north for her birthday. So while in Belfast i decided to pick up a few things. 

Two of these things were the Sleek Bronze Block in light (£7.49) and the Sleek Face Form contour palette in fair (£.9.99)

Whats your face worth? ♥

I know this kind of post is old but when they all first came out I enjoyed reading them all because it was fun to see what products people use.

My make up look changes a lot every month so Im just going to do the look I've been wearing the past 2 weeks. 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics ♥

A favorite past time of mine is catching up on youtube and watching my favorite vloggers and beauty guru's. Earlier on in the year one of my favorite youtubers brought out her own lip gloss and nail polish collection and I was so excited to get my hands on some. 

Tanya Burr launched a range of 12 different lip glosses (9.09/£6.99) and 10 different nail polishes (6.49/£5.99) and so as soon as I was home from work that day, I jumped straight online to purchase some!

First Order

A Little Bit Of Naked ♥

Urban Decay eye shadows are one of my favorite's and have been for the past few years. So of course the naked palettes are in my must have beauty favs!

(€44.00/£37.00 each)
Summer Time Boredness...Is it just me that gets really bored half way through summer every single year no matter how many plans you make?  Well its that time of the year for me! However blogging has always been something i've wanted to try so why not now and hopefully help cure this feeling of h…