New Beauty Products Added To My Collection - First Impressions

Over the past month and a bit I've actually surprised myself at how little makeup I've bought, I mean somehow I still managed to blow my paycheque within three days but it clearly wasn't all on makeup (instead it was all on Halloween things and a new Ralph Lauren handbag bc I rly enjoy treating myself to designer bags it seems.) However Ofcourse I couldn't not add a few different beauty items to my collection over the last month because I definitely do not have that much willpower!
Jumping straight in I ordered a cheeky little Beauty Bay order and for awhile I had been eying up the BeautyBay x Jordan Lipscombe palettes, now I'm not going to lie what got my attention about this was I seen the name Jordan and was like 'oh look my name is on that I must have it' #truestory. After going back and forth on and off the website for awhile I decided it was about time I treated myself a little cause I definitely don't do that everyday and ordered the 'Fuego' palette and my goodness am I happy I did. I'm going to get something silly out of the way first - it comes with stickers and one of those stickers is my name so you can bet that went straight onto the front of my MacBook! Stickers out of the way onto the actual palette. Consisting of 6 shadows and 2 highlighter shades I was quite excited to try it being that I had never tried a BeautyBay own brand product before so I wanted to see was it any good. I had seen rave reviews about the BeautyBay palettes from my girl Courtney @ LashesandLuxe so I knew what to expect but I still was excited to see for myself.

Mario Badescu Skincare - Hit or Miss?

 Since the beginning of 2018 Mario Badescu was a brand that made it onto my ‘must try something from this brand at some point of this year’ list. After hearing rave reviews about numerous of products I knew that I wanted to have at least one product in my collection to give a whirl. Fast forward to 11 months into the year (which is actually crazy because where on earth did those 11 months go already!?) I finally have two products that I’ve been trialing over the past few months and now I can finally share my opinions on Mario Badescu skincare products….well the ones I’ve tried obviously.