Pure Potions Skincare - The Skincare Brand Perfect for Eczema Prone Skin

Something I really enjoy is skincare products that are all natural. My thought process on this is I've spent the day with all sorts of chemicals on my face wearing makeup and just generally being outside that when I take it all off I love to have something that I know has no bad ingredients in it and just treat my skin.

Over the past two months I've introduced four new products from Pure Potions and I'm finally ready to share my thoughts about each one. 

So starting with my skin I have dry skin and when I get stressed I get these red inflamed patches of really dry skin just above my lip and it hurts. Changing and swapping skincare items also irritates my skin and more times than I'd like to admit I end up either breaking out because of it or have some sort of reaction to the change of my routine. So this always leaves me skeptical about trying new products but sometimes you just gotta say hey ho lets give it a go.