My Current Everyday Makeup

Current Everyday Makeup

I've finally got back into routine of the makeup products I'm using, when you have to do your makeup at 3am for work you really don't want to have to think about what you want to apply you kind of want to just know. So the past month I've been using these exact products while applying them all like a zombie so I thought why not update you all on what I'm wearing these days!

Spring Time Lip Picks

Now that Spring is upon us and the weather is starting to get a little more Spring esque I decided to go through my lip product collection and pick out some favourites for Spring time. I love wearing Corals, Pinks and Nudes at this time of the year so I've picked out my favourite 7 products to share them with you, ranging in prices and from lipsticks to glosses maybe you might just have to treat yourself to a new edition for your lipstick holder.

Threads False Lashes

Threads Eyelashes
I'm a big fan of false lashes. I just love the dramatic effect they can give your eye makeup, you can literally have the most minimal eye makeup on and with a set of falsies it makes it look as if you've spent hours on it. I've been trying out these Threads falsies * over the past month or so and I've really enjoyed them! 

When it comes to falsies that I like I will wear them to absolute death and it's safe to say that it may be time to order some sets for myself as both pairs are on their last legs. Like I said I've been wearing these the past month every day for work and they are definitely the longest lasting lashes I've tried. 

Treating My Pets For National Pet Month

April is the month to celebrate your pets! And I'm sure by now you all know that my life pretty much revolves around Sheldon and Aurora. So with the help of the lovely people over at Ocean Loans I was able to spoil my two fluffy babies to celebrate National Pet Month.
As I'm sure you can guess there was a great load of excitement, from me and the fluffy babies. I decided to order everything from Pet Bliss online as they had the greatest choice for smaller animals that I could find located here in Ireland. My order arrived last Monday on my day off work and I swear it was like Christmas! The animals were running around the boxes and were getting so excited for each new thing I unpacked. I ended up documenting the day on Snapchat just because it was so funny how excited they were acting.

When I laid everything onto my bed, like the picture above both Sheldon and Aurora started to bite, sniff and chew anything and everything they possibly could. Sheldon kept whistling with excitement and Aurora was running around in circles, it was honestly the funniest thing I ever witnessed and bare in mind this was all going on while I was trying to take photos!

Currently Using On My Hair

I never really do many hair posts so decided today shall be the day that I talk about the products I'm currently using and loving. My hair routine doesn't change much in terms of products and I've been using these for at least a good three months now but because they leave my hair feeling nice and healthy I stick with them. I do however change how I style my hair so depending on my mood will depend on the hair tool I use.

Teeth Whitening With Instant Whites

Teeth whitening is something I have never tried before but was something I was always interested in doing so to see if it would actually make a difference. What put me off trying products to get the results were peoples reviews as I had read ones where people said it left their gums feeling sore and I'm dreadful when it comes to pain especially if it's something to do with my teeth, however when theses Instant Whites Swabs* came through my letter box I was excited to give them a try.

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow Pen

I'm all about finding something to help me achieve the best brows I can. When it comes to brow products I will admit I'm a powder kind of girl. I just seem to really get along with them and find it easy to fix a mistake. Brow pencils on the other hand scare me slightly, what if I look like a clown?, What if it looks like I drew my brows on with a sharpie? All the worries basically, however when the Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow Pen* came through my letterbox I was excited to give it a try. 

The Cutest Stationary Subscription Box There Is!

When it comes to subscription boxes I'm not one who's really into the typical beauty type as I find they just get repetitive. However anything to do with Stationary just makes me excited so when I had the chance to review the March PaperHaul Subscription Box* of course I was so excited when the Postman handed me it one miserable Monday morning. PaperHaul works with someone new for each box to give them a chance to feature their art work, this time Jodie Goolding was the artist and I have to say I am so in love with the theme and everything she designed!